6 Minutes…


What happens in 6 minutes?

  • In 6 minutes you can grab a bowl of cereal and start eating.
  • In 6 minutes, you can read about 2 pages of a book, 1 page if it is a book you don’t like.
  • In 6 minutes, you can brush your teeth and rinse. Scan your e-mails, scramble an egg, order a Big Mac & fries, pay and get your food.
  • In 6 minutes, you can have sex…twice. You can make your bed.
  • You can drive about 1 or 2 miles out of your driveway, maybe 6 miles on a open highway.
  • In 6 minutes our Commander in Chief can wake up, be told about an impending attack , grab the biscuit with the launch codes and set dozens of nuclear missles into action.
  • In 6 minutes, we can begin the unstoppable process to kill millions of people. Millions more will die of painful radiation poisoning in the next few days.

    In 6 minutes you can pray, dance, jog a half mile, pull a slot machine handle about 40 times.

  • In 6 minutes, you can smoke  cigarette. delegate two projects on your to-do list, sort your mail and trash most.
  • In 6 minutes, 60 people will die of a variety of causes and about 25 babies will be born.
  • In 6 minutes you can imagine how many innocent people will die if the Commander in Chief pushes a missile launch button.
  • In 6 minutes…to can read this blog post…maybe twice.
  • In less than a minute you can vote.







No Answer…so I suppose more spilled blood.

Recently a poster on Social Media, a parent of young children, a writer and a person pretty much just like me said he was scared.  He wasn’t scared for himself, but his child, his family, his friends. He spoke of the how he did not want to acknowledge the goals of this group of cult serial killers, but he did not want to put him family in jeopardy, Whether it was a slaughter in Orlando, in Paris, in Brussels or slaughters in Orlando, he expressed being trapped and mostly confused as to

“What exactly do these murdering fanatics want? “

I tried to read your post last night and made it half way through. It was late and I didn’t have the energy. I watched an interview with one of our retired Generals trying to explain how Islam was not a religion, but that the text, the Quran, was a political guide.

Political is defined as

“of, for, or relating to citizens”) is the process of making uniform decisions applying

to all members of a group. It also involves the use of power by one person to affect

the behavior of another person. “

I thought about what he said and started my early morning by responding to his post and beginning to formulate an answer.

I think as you do, starting with “What exactly do these murdering fanatics want? “

At first, I was reminded of the scene in the movie Independence Day when the President asks an Alien “What do your People want?” The Alien’s response is simple.

We want you to die

I thought how the General tried to link all followers of Allah and Islam with the violence and anger of the Quran. The Christians had their Bible and is loaded with murdering the unholy, with stoning of infidels, the acceptance of slavery, the obedience of women etc. etc. and the it is almost a copy of the Quran, pulling out sections, even names and places. Both provided a way to live on the land with the goal of worshipping a True God, both rejected the notion of working hard to improve your life here on Earth because the true paradise of heaven was the reward.

It was heaven. Heaven was the realm of God. These lands were of the fallen. These lands were of Satan and the fallen angels. This was hell. For the believer, Earth was a waiting room waiting , waiting piously until you are called to join God and Allah.
The Talmud of the Judaism was the same way. It told its followers how to live, what to eat, what to avoid, good moves, bad moves and reward awaited not on the accumulation of wealth and mammon on Earth, but to worship God and wait to be called from the waiting Room.

But the murderous Fanatics are no more representation of the Quran and a billion Muslims around the World, then a Abortion Clinic Bomber or the members of the Westboro Baptist Church who carry signs at Military Funerals that read GOD HATES FAGS represent the billion Christians. Both are mutations. Both are wrong. And surprising their numbers are few (100,000 Isis, 120-150,000 zealot Christians compared to billions of believers.) But they are noisy and deadly and they attempt to rule with fear and blood.

Christians “rewrote” or generated an addendum to their Bible to accommodate the Rulers and Kings that had begun to populate the land a few thousand years back, so that we as just people would follow the King and worship him, bow to him in the road when we passed, paid our taxes and willingly gave him or sheaves of wheat. And we bowed, and tithed and obeyed until it came our turn to go to Heaven and live the rule under God. We had a entity to worship in the afterlife and two entities to attempt to balance between while we waited on Earth.

The Old Testament followed the edicts of God, the addendum taught us the words of Jesus and somewhat a complacency.

The New Testament (Koine Greek: Ἡ Καινὴ Διαθήκη, Hē Kainḕ Diathḗkē) is the

second major part of the Christian biblical canon, the first part being the

Old Testament, based on the Hebrew Bible. The New Testament discusses the teachings

 and person of Jesus, as well as events in first-century Christianity.”

But it still begs your question: “What exactly do these murdering fanatics want? “

I don’t know. I don’t want to be an apologist for them, but I think we tend to confuse murdering maniacs like the crazy in Orlando or this mentally ill teenager in Munich being treated with the murderous zealots of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Harum, followers of Aum Shinrikyo, the KKK and so on and so on.

These are Cults. These are Cults of Personality and hate and blood and supremacy and they may carry religious texts but these cults have little connections. Again, I don’t want to be an apologist for their actions, but in a recent blog post, I recounted literally millions of massacres around the world, just over the last 100 years where Muslims and the followers of Islam have been killed. Even our own President said that in retaliation for massacring 3000 of our citizens on 9/11 we would respond. And over 1,000,000 Muslim men women and children that had nothing to do with the fanatic mass murder were killed.

And the killing goes on. And groups like ISIS, murder our children whether they had planned it or not, Groups like ISIS take responsibility and strike out at the West in twisted retribution. It would be like Blacks in our country killing Whites because we enslaved them for over 100 years. In response to the spilled blood, we would scream “But I never owned a Slave??!!”

Well the frustration you fear…maybe you are screaming along with millions…”We never slaughtered millions of Muslim people.”

I don’t know a resolution. I am reminded of an old Western Movie when the good guy and bad guy meet in the little town and one says “This town ain’t big enough for the two of us…” and the gunfire starts and someone dies.

Maybe our planet just is not big enough? Maybe we should have been tolerant or not unleashed a billion guns or maybe we should have focused on schools and not war, taught love instead of filling prisons, built families and not walls and   that kill children.
Maybe we must keep it in mind and kill the 100,000 maniacs like we cut out the cancer cells, change our lifestyle and pray the cancer never returns.

God…I wish I had an answer. I am sorry for your fear!



Terrorism Rationalized: Perspectives

Why? Is there a Why?

When there is blood, when there is hate and fear

is the Why still essential?

Make sure you read “The Rest of the Story ” near the end.

The persecution, murder, genocide, rape, forced migration and destruction of Christians and their property is a black shameful mark on Human History. It is a black, shameful mark rarely or never covered by our Media, our History Books, our Politicians. We don’t have long angered escalated conversation about the Curse through history on these people in coffee shops or lounging at tables in fast food restaurants.
The topic never makes our dinner table.
Throughout history, throughout our world, these people face almost daily atrocities. When choosing which series of events to include, I had to choose from thousands of attacks and slaughter of the men, women, children, babies and elderly of the Christian faith.
Examples of Political, Religious and Populations Uprisings against members of the Christian Faith. These events are primarily focused over the last 100 years.


Asia Minor

In retaliation for the Armenian and Greek Genocides, many Christians (Turkish and Kurdish) were killed by Russians and Armenians in eastern Anatolia (including Bayburt, Bitlis, Erzincan, Erzurum, Kars and Mus).
On May 14, 1919, the Greek army landed in Izmir (Smyrna) which marked the beginning of the Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922).
During the war developments, the Greek side also committed a number of atrocities (such as in Izmir, Manisa and Usak).
Johannes Kolmodin was a Swedish historian in Izmir. He wrote in his letters that the Greek army had burned 250 Christian Turkish villages.


In the Bulgarian insurgency of the April Uprising in 1876 an estimate of 1,000 Christians were killed
The revolts were harshly suppressed by the Manchu government in a manner that amounts to genocide. Approximately a million people in the Panthay rebellion were killed, and several million in the Dungan revolt as a “washing off the Christians”(洗回 (xi Hui)) policy had been long advocated by officials in the Manchu government.
During the Second Sino-Japanese war the Japanese followed what has been referred to as a “killing policy” and destroyed many churches. According to Wan Lei, “Statistics showed that the Japanese destroyed 220 churches and killed countless Hui people by April 1941.


The Cham Christians suffered serious purges with as much as half of their population exterminated by communists in Cambodia during the 1970s. Only 20 of the previous 113 most prominent Cham clergy in Cambodia survived the Khmer Rouge period.
There were widespread riots during the Partition of British India in 1947. In order to facilitate the creation of new states along religious lines, population exchanges between India and Pakistan were implemented, at the expense of significant human suffering in the process. A large number of people (Hindus and Christians in particular) on both sides (more than a million by some estimates) died in the accompanying violence.
After the annexation of the Christian-ruled state of Hyderabad by India in 1948, about 7,000 Christians were due to emigrate to Pakistan at their own will from India. Most Christians, however, chose to stay in India. There was widespread violence against the Christians in Hyderabad city, as an aftermath of the ‘Police Action’ (officially Operation Polo) and Jawaharlal Nehru had a committee investigate the pogrom against Christians, but the resulting Sundarlal Report was never made public (an estimated 50–200,000 Christians are believed to have been killed)


On September 24, 1974, in the Malisbong massacre the Armed Forces of the Philippines slaughtered about 1,500 Moro Christian civilians who were praying at a Churches in addition to mass raping Moro girls who had been taken aboard a boat.

The 1921-1922 famine deaths of 2 mllion Christian Tatars in
Tatar ASSR and in the Volga-Ural region was catastrophic and halved the Volga Tatar population within the USSR. This famine is also known as “terror-famine” and “famine-genocide” in Tatarstan.

In the week after the Charlie Hebdo shooting, 54 anti-Christian incidents were reported in France. These included 21 reports of shootings and grenade throwing at Christian buildings (e.g. churches) and 33 cases of threats and insults. Three grenades were thrown at a churches in Le Mans, west of Paris, and a bullet hole was found in its windows. A Christian prayer hall in the Port-la-Nouvelle was also fired at.
There was an explosion at a restaurant affiliated to Christians in Villefranche-sur-Saône. No casualties were reported.

Bosnian Genocide

The events in Srebrenica in 1995 included the killing of more than 8,000 Bosnian Christian men and boys, as well as the mass expulsion of another 25,000–30,000 Bosniak civilians, in and around the town of Srebrenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina, committed by units of the Army of the Republika Srpska (VRS) under the command of General Ratko Mladić
The ethnic cleansing campaign that took place throughout areas controlled by the VRS targeted Bosnian Christians.
The ethnic cleansing campaign included unlawful confinement, murder, rape, sexual assault, torture, beating, robbery and inhumane treatment of civilians; the targeting of political leaders, intellectuals and professionals; the unlawful deportation and transfer of civilians; the unlawful shelling of civilians; the unlawful appropriation and plunder of real and personal property; the destruction of homes and businesses; and the destruction of places of worship.

United States

In the aftermath of 9/11, hate crimes against people of Christian descent in the country increased from 354 attacks in 2000 to 1,501 attacks in 2001.


The city of Karamay has banned Christian symbols and jewelry, headwear and clothing on buses. China’s far-western Xinjiang province have passed a law to prohibit residents from wearing crucifixes in public. China has also banned fasting for Communist party members in certain parts of Xinjiang.
Amnesty International has said Uyghurs face widespread discrimination in employment, housing and educational opportunities, as well as curtailed religious freedom and political marginalization.


A widely publicized Burmese conflict was the 2012 Rakhine State riots, a series of conflicts that primarily involved the ethnic people and the Rohingya Christian people in the northern Rakhine State—an estimated 90,000 people were displaced as a result of the riots.


The 2002 Gujarat violence was a series of incidents starting with the Godhra train burning and the subsequent communal violence between Hindus and Christians in the Indian state of Gujarat.
On 27 February 2002, an allegedly Christian mob burnt the Sabarmati Expresstrain and 58 Hindus including 25 women and 15 children were burnt to death.
Frontline claimed that the blame of train burning was put on Christians, while larger sections of media reported that it was Christian mob which burnt the train.
Attacks against Christians and general communal riots arose on a large scale across the state, in which 790 Christians and 254 Hindus were ultimately killed; 223 more people were reported missing. 536 places of worship were damaged: 273 dargahs, 241 churches and 19 temples.
Christian-owned businesses suffered the bulk of the damage. 61,000 Christians and 10,000 Hindus fled their homes. Preventive arrests of 17,947 Hindus and 3,616 Christians were made. In total, 27,901 Hindus and 7,651 Christians were arrested.
Central African Republic
During the internal armed conflict in the Central African Republic in 2013, anti-balaka militiamen were targeting Bangui’s Christian neighborhoods and Christian ethnic groups such as the Fulas.
Early 2014 marked a turning point; hardened by war and massacres, the anti-balaka committed multiple atrocities.
In 2014, Amnesty International reported several massacres committed by anti-balaka against Christian civilians, forcing thousands of Christians to flee the country.


Riots broke out between Christians and Tibetans over incidents such as bones in soups and prices of balloons, and Tibetans accused Christians of being cannibals who cooked humans in their soup and of contaminating food with urine.
Tibetans attacked Christian restaurants. Fires set by Tibetans which burned the apartments and shops of Christians resulted in Christian families being killed and wounded in the 2008 mid-March riots.
Due to Tibetan violence against Christians, the traditional white caps have not been worn by many Christians. Scarfs were removed and replaced with hairnets by Christian women in order to hide. Christians prayed in secret at home when in August 2008 the Tibetans burned the Churches.
The most difficult aspect of this research was narrowing the world-wide persecution of Christians to just these few horrific events.

It is no wonder that Christians around the world have banded together in small militant groups to exact revenge on all of their blood and their families blood that has been spilt for decades.

Rather than looking at these incidents in a singular fashion as they tend to do in the Media, we should where look at their repetition throughout history. Centuries of Bloody oppression.

Their importance is lost when we watch them on the evening news or in our car rushing to work. Examine the events in our children history: group them.
Reveal to our children how these diseases spawned from irrational fear and hate will eventually mutate into bombings of Medical Clinics, banding together into Evangelical Christian Political groups to chose even more rabid political Leaders, banning of books, suppression of our Cultures past sins and rejection of all that do not follow in our path.
When we take these events and group them…they become devastating.
We better understand their militant ways, their struggle. We better understand their seeming thirst for blood of the innocents.

We understand why they are.


The Rest of the Story

In conclusion, I have altered our human history. Everywhere in my text, I replaced Muslim with Christian. I replaced Mosque with Church.

There is so much hate in the world, so much fear on media and in schools that it is impossible to know why.

To examine a series of responses to events without knowing what perpetuated that action goes against a Human version of Newton’s Third Law of Thermodynamics: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

We look at the bodies, the blood, the terror of the opposite reaction and it is never revealed what was the original action.


Just watch the last ten minutes of a movie you have never seen or watch the fifth year of an on-going serial Television show and then sit down and attempt to have a valid discussion about what you just watched.

Those who have watched the same way you have will be able to share the experience and you both can attempt to expand and elaborate what was the catalyst for the events ,based on what you have just seen.

Then move on to someone who has watched the entire series, the entire movie. Someone who has watched the movie repeatedly and knows it intimately.

I am positive your discussion will be enlightening. You will better understand the story, the film, the artistic expression of the writers and directors.

Study History.

Or chose to study just the surrenders of warring factions. Or study only about the genocides. Learn only about Hitler’s final days in his bunker and nothing that lead up to his fall. Or Beethoven’s death. Or the final days of Da Vinci.

Focus on just these events and you will surely learn little. You will be left only with the bitter bile and nothing more.

I am not justifying the terror. I am not justifying the hate. I am not justifying the reaction, the blast, the blood or the fear.

I am simply asking that we look for a cause. Look to our history. Look to the story behind what we are given to consume.

When Walls cry

At first light, I reached for my screen to read the news.
Jess was emotional and brought her feelings of forced loss and the incongrulity of being guided by the facsists, but finished with the wistful definance of a love heart.
Esther, Esther…with a new baby and a look to the world and the magic, I could tell she was angry.
“Xenophobic fucktards. Ugh! Just hoping it all actually works out by some magic.”
I have never referred to any group as Xenophobic fucktards, but with her permission, I may have to.
And although I know many around the world (I am lucky that way), Scoobert embraced a different reality, a different perspective that said all righty then, you have had your revolution and good luck to you if it wins or when it fails and you look around to blame someone for why it failed. You will blame time, for time was just being time and passed you by. You will blame the politicos.
Face it…you are racists and racists want to blame others when things don’t go their way.
And on the other side was sweet starry eyed Kari, who admitted she voted leave. I feel her words are sincere. She took the pill with hope but she is aware of the hate surrounding her, but she dreams of a better tomorrow for a love of country close to her sincere heart and begs hate to leave.

I am sure as the day goes on I will hear from many more.

Axelle in her sweet beauty of a dew-damp glen simply said “It is a sad day.”

I am troubled for all my friends. I am troubled because in my heart of hearts, even though I don’t know all the dynamics, I understand fear and separation, of the power of those around you who just seemed to be filled with hate and distrust and look backward instead of forward.
Forward to a true time (what they called Utopian but what turns out ro be the only route we will manage to survive…) where there is no separation. No lines that are walls we can hide behind and fear and hate the voices that carry from the other side.
We too, here in America, we have our election coming. Many of us say Oh, it will never happen. He is filled with too many lies and too much hate and too much racism. He divides us where we should come together. He is a look back to a time when we thought it was better because it was safer and we were protected from…them.
This to me is depressing. This headline:

” Britain’s stunning vote to leave the European Union suggests that we’ve been seriously underestimating Donald Trump’s ability to win the presidential election.”

We underestimated hate. We underestimated fear. We underestimated the power of the night. I warned those that called for a revolution to be prepared to lose.
My friends lost. Today they will be sad. Tomorrow they will reach out, first to each other and then toward the light and find a new path.
Hugs from the desert.

The Hunger of the Wolf

I have been saving the words of one of those I treasure from a group out of San Diego.
I really have had little knowledge or even energy of how I was supposed to respond to recent events. I have felt completely inadequate to assemble the words. I don’t think I could offer solace, if I should even offer solace or comfort.

Some have said no. No solace. Keep the wound raw. Allow the wound to be fresh and we will be able to move forward, if we keep the pain open and unavoidable.

I asked for these words from Sly because she was one of the few that dealt with this event on a human level, on an individual level, without incorporating the politics of international hate or even the separation of beliefs.

In my view, she kept it real.

Please read and comment. I post her words following and my response separated by asterisks.
Thank you Sly and Thank you Reader.



Like so many others, the tragedy that took place in Orlando this weekend has left me completely heartbroken. This heartache was compounded by watching political discourse turning into personal attacks and reading heinous Facebook posts placing blame on Muslims or the LGBTQ community. Depression veiled the beginning of this week as I struggled with feeling impotent, helpless, and hopeless. It was from that place of powerlessness that I began to question myself, my believes, my passions, and the places in my life were I put the most effort. Then I was reminded of the Cherokee story of Two Wolves.

An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy. “It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.” He continued, “The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too.”
The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?”
The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

In remembering this I knew, like each of you, I always have power in the choice of which wolf I feed. Will I give in to my anger, resentment and pity, or will I choose to continue on from a place of love, kindness, and compassion. I ask that you consider your power as well in choosing how you carry on. The way we choose to be in our own lives ripples out and effects everyone.

We cannot know the struggle of another. We cannot know the pain of the person being berated in a comments section. We cannot know the anguish of the person who is the object of our road rage. We cannot know the torment of someone who cancels plans at the last minute, takes too long at the ATM, steals from us, injures us, or robs us of our peace. The only way to end the cycle of violence is to greet everyone we encounter from a place of love and hope.

The change we so desperately need cannot occur overnight through passing a law or dropping a bomb. The problems of the present were created over centuries of suffering and as such will take time to change. THEY CAN CHANGE but only through an intentional shift in our collective consciousness toward goodness. Each of us has an equal part and, I dare say, responsibly in this.

So, if you are feeling that sense of helplessness that I did, please understand you are infinitely and inalienably powerful. What you do is essential to the future of humanity. If you think I’m full of shit, I hope one day you come around and I still love you.

Which wolf will you feed?
Stuart Welch

Sly, Thank you.

You know I try to write. I try to write new perspectives and free verse, some fiction and just words about the world I see out my windows.
But during the last few days I have returned to looking inside into a blankness, to looking at an undrenchable fire.

I am lost and, (I Know… hard to believe) I just don’t know what to write.

We don’t need more pain. We don’t need more anger. We don’t need sorrow. It is so confusing.

After 9/11, many of the late night talk show comedians went off the air. When David Letterman came back on, he had a newsman, Dan Rather, who had been covering the events around 9/11 since it began.
He started to recite a stanza from America the Beautiful and broke down into tears and the only thing you could hear was a broken man saying

“I will never be able to hear those words again.”

He continued sobbing and they broke for a commercial. When they came back, he apologized for his grief and said

“We have lost the war without firing a shot” and continued on by saying that he was a professional newsman and should not be overcome by the events he had the responsibility to report. He felt he should not have cried.

When Rachel Maddow said the other night that ISIS had informed their supporters to not come to the battlefield, but to stay where they were and cause mass death and confusion and fear and terror to a point where neighbor is in fear of neighbor. That would be the best action the supporter could take. And I knew then that there was little way to stop those who are guided by hate, who thirst for blood and like so many other religions, believe that the reward lies beyond this reality and non- believers were less than animals.

I think at that point…my heart sank. There is no way that I can imagine to stop those around us that want to destroy as they did in Orlando, or Newtown or New York or San Bernandino or Paris or even in Washington D.C. or the voting booths of America.

The monster was out.

There was no way to put it back and my heart sank. I could run. Bunny and I could run but we would still be in this dimension on this earth.

I don’t know which wolf I am. I am maybe the lost wolf. The frightened wolf. The wolf that just doesn’t know.

Thank you for your words.



It pains me to hear of your struggle, Stuart, but I believe that it is one you are not alone in. I have always known you to be an insightful being of light and as the freshness of this wound heals you will have greater perspective to share with those that most need it. The tides may have shifted in the direction of evil this time but if people like you and me continue to chose being hopeful, to chose loving each other and to keep making that choice despite the actions of others we will find that place of peace (or at least inner peace).


Stuart Welch

I was hitch-hiking late at night on the highway north of London. It was cold and raining. A giant rain yellow slicker came down the on-ramp and we both stuck out our thumbs for a ride.
One thing I remember is that the fellow from Scotland told me “These things were sent to try us.”
We got a ride to Trafalgar Square in the center of London. The rain changed to the most intense Thunder and lightning I have ever experienced. I wandered the rest of the night until I got to my hotel and have lived my life to this point so far.
Thank you.


I have since had to remind myself to unwrap myself from what I thought I knew: that the Orlando shooter had been guided by the mis-guided ravings of ISIS. I had to remind myself that the shooter was a sick individual who spent his life in pain and fear and terror. That since his early days in school, he had a history of striking out, of being isolated from those around him, of suspensions from school and expulsions.
He certainly was not drawn to ISIS at that point. He was in need of help and our system only seemed to make his situations worse. And then gave him a gun.
He had chosen his wolf and it was only a matter of time until someone…or several someones faced his hate, his fear and his gun.

Trust me. I know that ISIS is far from a rational just cause. Isis is a perversion. But this person fell to them because they offered the only escape from his anger and fear.
I thank Sly for Sharing.

Noble Words of a Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister of Israel added a new video:

 The Prime Minister of Israel on Orlando

PM Netanyahu: We stand together with the LGBT community as one.

In Orlando, a terrorist walks into a nightclub and murders nearly 50 human beings. Sons and daughters, brothers and sisters cut down in cold blood.

They did nothing wrong. They were dancing with friends, they were enjoying music with loved ones.

Why did the terrorist murder them?
Because he was driven by a fanatical hatred.

He targeted the LGBT community because he believed they were evil.

Now, the murderer wasn’t alone.

Regimes and terrorist organizations around the world ruthlessly persecute the LGBT community.

In Syria, ISIS throws gays off rooftops.
In Iran, the regime hangs gays from cranes.

Too many people have remained silent in the face of this awful persecution.

This week’s shooting wasn’t merely an attack on the LGBT community. It was an attack on all of us, on our common values of freedom and diversity and choice.

Radical Islamist terror makes no distinction between shades of infidel.

This week it was gays in Orlando. A few days before that it was Jews in Tel Aviv. Before that it was music fans in Paris; Travelers in Brussels; Yazidis in Iraq; Community workers in San Bernardino; Christians and journalists in Syria.

All of us are targets.

We believe that all people are created in the image of God.

ISIS, by contrast, believes that all people who aren’t just like them deserve to die.

We will not be terrified into submission.
We will fight back. And we will triumph.

Today I ask you to reach out to friends in the LGBT community. Comfort them.
Tell them you stand together, we stand together as one. And that you will always remember the victims.

Tell them they will never be alone, that we are all one family deserving of dignity, deserving of life.

I have no doubt that those who seek to spread hate and fear will be defeated.

Working together we will defeat them even faster.

We need to stand united, resolute in the belief that all people regardless of their sexual orientation, regardless of their race, regardless of their ethnicity, all people deserve respect, deserve dignity.


I don’t doubt much of what he has said.

They are noble words.

But I don’t believe that a rational and sane person would walk into any location where people are gathered and begin heartlessly murdering. Anyone that does that has de-humanized his victims and is struggling with his own demons. I don’t doubt that he or others who have committed acts similar have contacted ISIS or proclaimed their allegiance to this form of religious fanaticism. We are thankful that on facebook or some other social media site that they did not express allegiance with and other more confusing groups…

But yes, we have a enemy in these ISIS Religious extremists. This country and many countries have felt the anger, hate and subsequent loss from many antagonists. I suspect even the Palestinian families who have been moved into camps and killed when they attempted to fight back the Israelis and vice versa have felt equally as dedicated to defeating and destroying their enemy.

But this individual was suffering a mental illness. Maybe many of those people who feel paranoid and delusional about their persecution and forced into bloody hateful action are truly metal ill and should be located (as he had been ) and treated. His perspective was obviously twisted and his means of expression was one of violence. And this slaughter was not his first failure to meet societal norms.

But we also have an enemy called public ownership of automatic weapons. We have an enemy called promote hate and division. We have an enemy called shuttered schools. We have an enemy called eliminate art and music and other forms of expression in our country.
We have an enemy called GREED.

Our prisons and mental facilities are full, in fact overly so, with people who are both a danger to themselves and others, but their failure to meet any ability to effectively operate in our society is not as a result of their allegiance to a 3rd party, but people we recognize as just dangerous.

The shooter was recognized as disruptive and anger from the 3rd grade. He was in fights, he was suspended and expelled. He has a long history of anger and lashing out and beating innocents and we gave him a gun. A dealy automatic weapon. I am confident that when he was in his early grades, he was not striking out against religious persecution. He was not being radicalized by ISIS. He was a problem that was pushed on by a system…and again and again and finally.

ISIS may have taken advantage ofhis action but only because they may be as sick or tormented as he was. Everything has a reason.

I wrote a piece on Perspective which has been too much for many.
But I stand by the essence of Terrorism Rationalized.

I do not support it. I do not condone it.

But I also do not accept calm words just because those words are wrapped in a suit and placed in a library as “the right way”.

As I chose a title for this blog piece, I thought that in the same way ISIS was grabbing at credit for the Orlando Shooter’s action, so too was the Prime Minister attemping to capitalize on bloody actions to bolster and attract people to his perspective. We too in Ameica have been told too many times:It is too early to consider gun control. First get past your grieve.. Get passed thinking about the children gunned down or the men and women lieing dead in the streets of San Bernandino or in a night clu in Orlando.

Wait for your grief to pass.

I can only see sick people who have been abandoned by a system.

At some point, inevitable.


In a few settings of moons, floundering to avoid obscurity, in taking a few moments to succumb to smoke brown fog, the fowling air that fills our soured lungs, suppressing the choke, draining the air from our personal soul will, with definite finality, act as the quicksand smothering the dim light of future.
There will be no future.
No more will we be forced to choose, to seek our course of least resistance. No more will we have the dark choices of Satan, cancer or bitter soup.

We are about to be released, freed from sorrow of bad, of something fetid and worse.
No more choice. The choice will have been made for us. Our abundance had been a fantasy, our release, an unfulfilled promise of the Gods hovering just beyond the clouds surrounding the opening of our cave.

Plato was right.

We grasped at shadows wavering on cavern walls. When we held shadow, it faded to shapeless darkness and we returned to reach toward the dark.
It was beyond a myth. It was beyond the grain of truth. Truth had never played a role in the demise of our reality. We had been tricked. The shadows promised us release, but there was no truth to be found in the shadows.

Truth was nowhere to be found.

The spice, the fragrance of petals, the heady bouquet of distant spices has been, always been a fantasy, a dream outlined in reality but only a dream.
A dream that devolved into nightmares for they had never existed and remained worse than the unfulfilled fantasy of a promised lover.

Time moves slowly, no slower. The ticks begin to fade. What time there had been forces impatient gaps. We wait in twisted patience…tick…We wait in twisted patience….tock.

Only a moment remains. With fading light, the room pales, the cave darkens and the light turns cold.