Two thoughts too strong to outrun.

Two thoughts too strong to outrun.

Thought One: Lies

My first thought was about lies. Lies are so essential in our lives.

We accept them to drain our wallets.

We accept them to drain our spirits, our souls, our selves.

We accept them from those we love and honor in a desperate trade for respect.

We accept them from our leaders and they seem to accept them from each other.

Lying, making up a reality, does not make it eventually true.


On either side of the lie, in the very different realities that we are presented with and live by.


“They are not trying to solve the murder, they are trying to justify it.”


They are not trying to solve a problem or reach a solution but they listen to anyone, any thing that fills in a reality puzzle they have created.

I guess that is why people post pictures of cats and babies and puppies on social media.

They don’t lie. Like the weather and cats and babies and puppies don’t create a reality.

They just are what they are…


Thought Two: Change

Bunny watches the TV News. Maybe she watches too much News. But much of it has seemed to fall into place. She sees a cloud. She sees a dark cloud in the future. Puzzle pieces are being defined. Decisions are being made in the background, far from the masses. Puppet strings are being trimmed. Corners are being prepared for the weak and helpless to back into.

Things are falling into place.

Just a few years ago, American Politics associated with Communist party officials would have been derided.

Just a few years ago, money spent to keep diseases at bay, away from those who struggle just for bare essentials for life, is now derided as a scam.

Just a few years ago, if a candidate would have uttered any words considered racist, sexist, ageist, classist, they would have been shown the way from the stage.

Just a few years ago, we had untouchables in our society, people that preached unbased fears, hate, separation of the races, and supremacy of one race over another, were held back arms length and mocked.

Just a few years ago, acting contemptuous of those whose bodies shake without control, whose choice of Gods to respect, whose skin is different, would not have been tolerated by the Tolerant and would never have been cheered by any but the most extreme.

But some do cheer, some call for blood and separation and some fail to recognize how this has all happened before.

But for Bunny, it seems all too clear. We are being set up to lose, to fail, to fall. The outcome of the speeches are useless. They just keep us occupied. They keep our eyes and spirits diverted, while evil waits patient at the sidelines.

The evil is patient and Bunny sees the change coming.


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