After Trump, What?

After Trump, What?

What if in a collective American Growl, we scream


What can we expect?

I have been worried about this phenom for awhile.

I go back and forth on which Presidential Candidate will convince the voters to put he or she into office. I am fairly convinced that neither would be ideal. But without a doubt, one candidate would be less of a disaster and besides, we survived President Bush…twice.

But something else has been worrying me if the candidate I have settled on takes the office. It is not that I am concerned about how Donald would survive the loss. I am worried about his supporters.

I was struggling about how to begin this blog entry and I watched a campaign stop and stump speech  of Donald’s Vice President choice. A woman gave her name and told the VP Candidate that her son was in the Air Force.

The crowd surrounding the woman and the stage cheered and waved their signs. They went wild with appreciation for her son’s service to the Country and then as she continued her question the Mr. Pence, she asked how he can tolerate what she said was Donald Trump’s disrespect of American servicemen.

The patriotic cheers rapidly turned to hateful boos. The microphone was grabbed away and it is apparent that the lone woman was concerned because the crowd had turned ugly so quickly.
She hurried back to her seat.

A few months ago, demonstrators at a Donald Trump Rally were knocked to the ground, kicked, punched and the crowd cheered the beating. Two black men were being escorted by Police from an arena when one was blindly cold-cocked by an old man. Rather than stopping him, the crowd cheered.

A Protester sucker punched in Tucson, violence in California, New Mexico.

And everywhere there is violence, the Trump Supporters cheer wildly.

UNFILTERED CAMPAIGN COMMENTS AT A DONALD TRUMP RALLY <<<Click here but be forewarned it it not pretty!


I am not foolish enough to be blind to other acts of violence at Trump Rallies committed by  the opposing side. They throw eggs, jeer to drown out the speaker, throw barriers. They demonstrate.

But I don’t see many instances of Anti-Trump individuals or organized protesters being cheered on like what happened at the Pence Rally where the crowd went from patriotic to angry as soon as they heard the words “Trump has disrespected.”


Without pause.


No I don’t worry about Donald Trump winning. As I type, it seems that the Donald is rapidly decomposing like fruit in a bowl…

The Rapid Decomposition of a Candidate




(Ahhh. Compost…American compost. certainly symbolic and certainly feeds the seed.)

No…what I am worried about and have been for awhile…what happens to all the snarling disgruntled…people…he has assembled?

Other candidates have come and gone. Some have headed out to Peace Marches and demonstrations. Some have stood behind other candidates with similar positions. Some have just left… the process…the system…even the Country. They had it and they left.

But I wonder about those who have gathered at the altar of the angry candidate. I don’t have much respect for them, I realize that.

Do they head back to the bowling alley?

Do they get season passes for NASCAR races or destruction derbies?

Maybe they just grab a 12 pak and fire up the grill, cursing that the whole thing was rigged anyway. I am a bad person and contributed top the Social Media melee. I called his Supports “educationally challenged”, and his campaign “post-factual.”

I am a bad person.

Or maybe not…

These people scare me. Especially since the Donald is foreshadowing his retreat by dropping hints that he will not debate and he figures he will lose regardless:

First of all, it [the primary season] was rigged, and I’m afraid the [general] election is going to be rigged. I have to be honest. Because I think my side was rigged,”

he said last week of the Republican primaries….

“If I didn’t win by massive landslides — I mean, think of what we won in New York, Indiana, California 78 percent.

That’s with other people in the race, but think of it.”


If that is not a foreshadow, I don’t know my foreshadows.
And if he just walks away, will that be even worse?

I figure if he appears to try hard to win and loses, I am scared of how the people the Donald leaves behind will mutate. And if he walks away in a red-faced feigned frustration, an overwhelmed Champion, a Blue Collar Billionaire who desperately tried to “get their country back” unsuccessfully, I am scared of how the people the Donald leaves behind will mutate.

Where do they go? What do they do?

What if Adolf had been unsuccessful in being elected in Germany? What would the Brown Shirts do? How would they act out their disappointment?

Sadaam Hussein? Idi Amin, Slobodan Milosevic,  Lee Kuan Yew ( look him up…people loved that dude!) Kim Jong-un (OK, maybe not him…)

This selection above all had devoted following. The list had almost achieved god on earth status and their followers would have gladly fallen on a sword, a sharp stick or even willingly hopped into a volcano at the Ruler’s command and as we know they would have no problem “executing” any wish…even when the beloved Ruler had fallen from power.

What will the cheering, cold-cocking crew The Donald has assembled do if their candidate fails to become the Captain…no Admiral of the Ship of State?

I can only imagine.





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