My Pronouncement of an Evil F. Bunny Love

Bunny,you have filled the world around you with care and love.
I have seen the needy and the lost and the most beautiful spirits come to you just to share.

You never speak of yourself, but others always see the smile, see your glow of love.

I didn’t deserve you when we met, I don’t know if I deserve you today, but I am working and earning your love for tomorrow.

You make me better, stronger and I love you like no one I have met on this Planet.

To Susan , the one who puts the Evil in Evil F. Bunny.

If somehow Love was a tangible thing:

If Love were a diamond, you would have a hard time walking with your ring.
If Love was a house, it would be so big there would be rooms you would never have time to visit, or look out at views from their windows of waves and mountains and morning’s horizons.

If Love was a smile, your cheeks would hurt.
If Love was a trip, you would never unpack.

But the love from me, is just the love from me.
Everyday I wake up, I have to thank you for my life you saved.

Everyday, I wake up, I think one of the most miracle day in my life, is when you walked into my office and you said yes to lunch. Everyday, I remind myself of the guy at Bill and Deborah‘s wonderful Pool afternoons that said “So, you married up!”, because he could not believe someone like you would put up with someone like me.

For everyday you let me worry about the dopey things, about food and plans for the Burn.

For everything I have learned from you, for being the spirit that I take so much joy in sharing this journey with, for everyday you let me repeat myself and then give me a little smile when I say something new.

For that smile, I look for everyday. Thank you.
I am amazed that while I age and slowly decompose, you get more beautiful. I am amazed at your bravery, to face the pain and the healers that promised that they can make it go away. And you smiled and made others feel better.

I am amazed that you give me another day of life with you.
You know today, I would give you the world, a life free from worry about everything that piles around us, as if bullshit could find no other place to hang out but with us. I promise we will shake this bullshit magnet. Like a Scotsman told me once on a rainy night

“These things were sent to try us.”

We have been tried.

Today, I would make you smile and show you that waterfall we never managed to find on Maui.
But today, I can only wish you a Happy Birthday and all I have to give to you is the love of a sorry ass hippie, who knows you are the world and you mean more to me than the most beautiful sunrise with a million shades of love, or the best iced tea on a hot day or a infinite sky of sparkly diamonds.
Happy Birthday Susan from me and from all you make smile and from all you will bring a smile that you have yet to meet on this trip.

Hugs to my Bunny!



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