A White Guy tries explaining Black Lives Matter


A White Guy tries explaining Black Lives Matter


So many are screaming on the news ALL LIVES MATTER!
And there have been some cutish comebacks on Social Media like:


As usual, the Media is stirring it up. They seem to be good at that.

Well orchestrated stirring it up.

Some talking old white head disputes “Black Lives Matter and a liberal apologist sheepishly explains that they are not saying “Only” Black Lives Matter.

Switch to the next segment and a toothy Rudy grins and sprays out a

“It’s inherently racist because, number one, it divides us. …

All lives matter: White lives, black lives, all lives,”

This is followed up by the Baton Rouge shooting or the Minneapolis shooting or any one of the hundred from the last few weeks.

Surgical, the Media weaves in a Black Lives matter spokesman, the Dallas Police massacre and fill it the last few seconds until it is time to get to the advertisement for the latest drug most of us can’t afford or vacations to places we will never go, by patching in Rush calling everyone a Terrorist group bent on destroying White America, slip in the word ISIS and finish with more details when we return from a word from our sponsors…

Well this White guy hears the Black Lives Matter plea just a little different

I believe these people in that group are saying that, without fail, you silent majority have stood by stone-faced while 2…3…4 times a week, you have collectively allowed some Police, SOME POLICE to openly murder Black Men. To openly murder Black Children. To openly murder.
The problem is not in Dallas or New Orleans or Miami.

It is a disease that permeates our entire country. I could rattle on about the fact we have too many guns in our society. I could rattle on that maybe we could solve problems without bullets. I could rattle on that maybe Police Training could focus more on dissipating, diffuse or just getting combative people to chill.

I could say that the Police involved in breaking the law, videotaped Police, Police surrounded by witnesses must not be allowed to hide behind their shield, their Blue Line or the judicial system.
When most of us fail at doing our job, people rarely end up being killed.

Again, let me restate: The number of Police that break our laws, that fail to provide service to the community, Black, White or otherwise is small. But in a nationwide force numbering in the 10’s of thousands even .01% is hundreds of Police who need to have the gun removed from their hands and found some other less deadly form of employment.
One death at the hands of a rogue cop is one too many and since the time we stopped Lynching Days and started shooting Blacks, we have stop back and just watched. We just stood around, dropped our heads and said little. From a time when we worshipped the Mayor and the Doctor, the Teacher and the Priest, we held the Police in equal respect. Our Courts supported their actions, Our Judges didn’t prosecute. Our Newspapers wrote about the biggest pumpkin and latest wedding.

We felt safe. All was apple pie and good in our world.

But the number of funerals in Black Communities grew in number. Mother wailed, children looked for their fathers; black families glanced over at empty spaces at the holiday tables. And for decades, we never heard the cries. It was on our TV every night, but then so was the ball scores and tomorrows weather.

And we never heard about another Black Man shot in the street, but we remembered our umbrella. Videos, painful videos played and looped and replayed on every channel for days until they were replace by another. Another Black, another body and silence.

Finally one dead Black body too many. Too much silence, too many community leaders linking hands with too many elected white officials. Too much singing of Kumbaya, and someone screams

God Damn it!! Black Lives Matter!

The Black Lives Matters Protestors are begging us to stand alongside them and declare “Hey Police, you can’t do that! We have laws in this country AND Black Lives Matter!”
The first option to diffuse a situation of a black man selling CD’s or Cigarettes or a black child in a snowy park or a man running in fear for his life and getting shot multiple times in the back is not to pull out a police weapon.

Black lives matter.
Funny a white kid can go into a Southern Church, kill several and get captured alive. And a crazy white man shoots a crowd of people in Arizona including an elected Official and is captured alive.
The Protestors scream BLACK LIVES MATTER!


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