It is time We the PEOPLE show the elected officials and Police just who WE the People are.

We need a General strike to stop Police Violence. Congressional Bribery and Crime and a return to representing the People.

We the People need to Bring this down by showing our numbers!

The People’s Strike Back must be on a Workday.

We must not ask that medical personnel be involved but they may send a representative.

We will ask that School Teachers at all levels attend so that their student know how important this People’s Action is.

We must have HUGE numbers to show how important this strike is.

It must be non-violent.

The Purpose of the Strike being called is not because that yesterday’s black man murder was not a game changer.

This is not a game.

This is our lives, our families lives, our friends lives, even the lives of stranger. We are Human Beings and this is our Country and our planet.

The survival of our planet is not a political shill game. It is our home.

Murder one of us. You murder all of us. Poison one of us. You poison all of us. Lisa and steal from one, you lie and steal from all.

This is a People’s Strike!!!
It is in your hands.


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