I was defriended yesterday

I was defriended yesterday

Two thoughts this morning.
The first is directed at that 2 that chose to “de-friend”  me yesterday. I am not sure but maybe it was because I asked some questions about your posted topic.
The Topic was Gun Control.
And giving guns to woman to reduce rape and the chance of rape. And people were responding that NO ONE was going to take their guns away.
You obviously cut me out. Quickly. Because of my questions. I might have embarassed you.
And I understand.
But Facebook is a chat room for various topics and a billion opinions. If you want to surround yourself with those that just agree with every bit you post as if it came direct from the lips of God, then go for it!
I have friends that I disagree with. I have friends that disagree with me.  I have a cadres of digital friends including liberals, hippies, anarchists, conservatives, Catholics, Muslims, Atheists, Gays, straights, crooks, cranks and even Republicans. It is like America.
It is a mixed pot.
I like it that way, because I like to learn and debate and get information and try and critically analyze what some are saying.
2 or 3 days ago, I didn’t respond to a single word when you posted. Nearly 3 PAGES on why the people of Vietnam were bad and that Jane Fonda was an Anti-American Traitor. I simply asked the question: After so many dead and so many years of war, did anyone ever figure out why we were in Vietnam?
Yesterday, when you posted the fake “News Item” about Woman with Guns in Orlando and the reduction of Rape, I had to respond with 3 questions.
I simply asked:
With this statistic of rape dropping 90 percent after gun training, was the statistic comparing a high rape year with a low rape year?

Did other crimes increase? Homicide? Robbery? Non-Rape crimes?

In order to discover a real reason for the reduction, were there any other societal changes? New laws? Reduction in population? Did the free Rape Defense Classes have any impact on the reduction?

To occurs to me, that if we spend so much time getting our information on the Internet or on Facebook, then we had damn well better learn how to find out what is truth and what is spam and what is just a lie! (I was going to say bullshit…but I held back!)
We must learn Critical Thinking (just what is Critical Thinking? I will give you a clue that it is not just being critical if someone disagrees!) and we must learn how to question what is going on.
Before you deleted me, you said there were 6 million reasons why people needed guns (referring to some of the people murdered by Nazi’s) I have thought about that all day and if they would have had guns, would it have made a difference? Would they have survived? Many would have died, but they could have had a fighting chance.
The Jews, Catholics, Gypsies and everyone else killed by the Nazi’s could have resisted. maybe if they knew how to QUESTION what they were being told, they could have resisted, made gas bombs, thrown a brick or done whatever. But unless we are being lied to, like they were probably lied to, they just jumped reluctantly on the train that took them to their demise.
Thank you for deleting me. I will keep accepting all people until their minds are bricked tight shut and they refuse to consider any questions. Not seeing it my way (certainly not the right way!), but learning how to ask questions.

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