When Walls cry

At first light, I reached for my screen to read the news.
Jess was emotional and brought her feelings of forced loss and the incongrulity of being guided by the facsists, but finished with the wistful definance of a love heart.
Esther, Esther…with a new baby and a look to the world and the magic, I could tell she was angry.
“Xenophobic fucktards. Ugh! Just hoping it all actually works out by some magic.”
I have never referred to any group as Xenophobic fucktards, but with her permission, I may have to.
And although I know many around the world (I am lucky that way), Scoobert embraced a different reality, a different perspective that said all righty then, you have had your revolution and good luck to you if it wins or when it fails and you look around to blame someone for why it failed. You will blame time, for time was just being time and passed you by. You will blame the politicos.
Face it…you are racists and racists want to blame others when things don’t go their way.
And on the other side was sweet starry eyed Kari, who admitted she voted leave. I feel her words are sincere. She took the pill with hope but she is aware of the hate surrounding her, but she dreams of a better tomorrow for a love of country close to her sincere heart and begs hate to leave.

I am sure as the day goes on I will hear from many more.

Axelle in her sweet beauty of a dew-damp glen simply said “It is a sad day.”

I am troubled for all my friends. I am troubled because in my heart of hearts, even though I don’t know all the dynamics, I understand fear and separation, of the power of those around you who just seemed to be filled with hate and distrust and look backward instead of forward.
Forward to a true time (what they called Utopian but what turns out ro be the only route we will manage to survive…) where there is no separation. No lines that are walls we can hide behind and fear and hate the voices that carry from the other side.
We too, here in America, we have our election coming. Many of us say Oh, it will never happen. He is filled with too many lies and too much hate and too much racism. He divides us where we should come together. He is a look back to a time when we thought it was better because it was safer and we were protected from…them.
This to me is depressing. This headline:

” Britain’s stunning vote to leave the European Union suggests that we’ve been seriously underestimating Donald Trump’s ability to win the presidential election.”

We underestimated hate. We underestimated fear. We underestimated the power of the night. I warned those that called for a revolution to be prepared to lose.
My friends lost. Today they will be sad. Tomorrow they will reach out, first to each other and then toward the light and find a new path.
Hugs from the desert.


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