Social Thermodynamics: Respect and it all falls to Hell

But even Hell has an organization

I understand respect. It is earned in both directions.
The youth respect the elders, the elders recognize the youth and when earned, give them respect as well. As an elder, sometime I am treated with respect, like a fine porcelain cup sometime I am disregrded. I understand. It is a facet of life.

To some a treasure, to others…clutter.

In either case, respect is earned.

I was just reminded of the 2nd law of Thermodynamics.
The 2nd law deals with Entropy and states that a system, an isolated system (like us as humanity) will deteriorate over time in proportion to a decreasing amount of energy put into that system.

A Home: Live in it and routinely clean it. It stays the same. Don’t clean or repair it, it begins to clutter and fall apart. Put in more energy, the condition improves at a rate equally to the amount of energy you use to maintain or improve the home.

There are many factors at play here. But I isolate one.

In California for example, there were some misguided leaders who said to the voter elders: Why should you pay taxes for schools? You are old. You have no children. What they failed to realize is that they were all part of the same system and failure to pay for schools (Energy In) would lead to a general decay (Entropy).
If education is cut. If History is cut. If Civics and the mechanics of our Democracy is removed from curriculum, the youth fail to learn and the isolated system begins to deteriorate.

We are faced with a general decay. However, other forces, recognizing the decay push their positions. They recognize the frustration of the under-educated. They see the fear in the eyes of America. They build support among the weak. They add to the fear of the unknown. They build walls. Breed hate. We must have more prisons, more police, to offset the general decay…the violence, the mayhem.

It is amazing that when we cut back on mental health and education, the reaction, how the system responds, recorded in the evening news and NPR and the Print Media and usually as a snapshot and rarely as a timeline of what happened.

The good thing about the system is that life is still what you make it. Put the energy in and it is amazing how much it can improve the world around you .Socrates said “Hang with different Peeps”. Many groups fail to put in the energy and just deteriorate. They complain of their plight in life. They fear the unknown. They strike out in fear and anger of frustration and the only dragon they can see. They sit blindly in front of blue TV screen lights, like a IV drip into their veins and just accept or maybe they walk into a nightclub and just start pulling a trigger: Bank bang bang bang a hundred times until their finger tires or something inside says Wait this is bad. I should die now. I have no choice.

Like Studs Terkel is quoted

“The world problem that bothers me today more than anything is the attitude of younger people. The opportunities they have, and no desire. I hate to see anybody that feels the world owes them a living… The largest percentage of them don’t want to do anything.”

..we could sit back and criticize them “The opportunities they have, and no desire.” I hate to see anybody that feels the world owes them a living…” or we can recognize that we are all part of the same system and do something.

It may just be changing peeps. It may be more. But it will be nothing if you don’t feel you can change. It will stay the same and worsen and clutter builds and the bureau will get dusty and the dishes pile up. And we hate everything more.


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