How do we cure the disease of Trump Support?

Donald Trump (hard to say) is not the problem.

Donald Trump has recognized a situation, like the smart businessman he is, and he has taken advantage of a need. He has filled a hole.
Donald Trump may be (and is) an asshole, but he did not nominate himself. He skillfully and subtly coerced the media to generously supply him with millions of dollars of free campaign coverage, every move has been captured by the media, every word noted in the Print media.
He has cried foul, abuse, he has cursed and blamed and we lapped it up like good gravy on homemade bread at Grandma’s.
But he didn’t do it alone.

Oh I don’t mean the dozens of surrogates he has hired to talk to every media station and stare blank-eyed and read from their memorized script. Many of us are whores and if paid enough, we would shill for satan, if the money was right.
No once the Donald is soundly defeated, we will be left with a much bigger disease that will live among us.

The Hate Millions. The Fear Family. The Dangerous Ones.

They curse and spew behind racist and disrepectful Memes on Facebook. They gather by the thousands at rallies and wade into crowds of protestors to take their punches and land a few for Donald.

They are the problem. They are a big problem.

I will make the leap that they are not well educated, they have not been exposed to the world outside their countylines. They do not know History. They do not recognize dangerous leaders when they surface.

Thay are afraid.

They are afraid of what they do not understand. They do not understand Blacks. They do not understand Latinos. They do not understand Muslims, Sheiks, Buddhists. They do not understand Jews with those little hats.

These are not bright people. They are not truly educated. They live in fear and when the Donald boasts his way back to his bevy of Serbo-Croatian Models, all the while blaming everyone non-white, non-christian for failing to elevate him to power…we will still be left with the disease.
It will be difficult to move forward, passed the wall they have built around millions of the scared ones and move us collectively forward.

That is what is left to discuss..

Remember…America is a Democracy. If the American People by a majority put a goat into the position of President, then we follow the lead of the goat. The goat becomes a Goat.

But more importantly we must wonder who put the Goat into the position and we only have to look in the mirror to see the guilty…


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