Buckshot 2

Buckshot 2

My second collection of short staccato thoughts


Senator Bernie is prodded by the Media

Reporter Kristen Welker

“What do you mean the Convention will be Messy?”

Senator Bernie

“Of course the convention will be messy; ‘that’s what democracy is about’ and “people will have a vigorous debate on the issues.”

I suppose these Reporters never unstood how messy it was for the Founders of our Nation.

It was messy.

Chairs were thrown, curses filled the Philadelphia air of the 1770’s.
It was messy to say the least but a more perfect union was given birth.

The Reporters expected to grab a story that paralleled the Donald.

Trump has said that if he fails to get the nomination there will be “riots.” His Supporters, (which some have compared historically and hysterically to the infamous Brownshirts) will be agitated and erupt into potential violence.

Though there have been violent incidents at some Trump rallies, organizers insist they work closely with the authorities to avoid violence.

The Media has annointed the Queen and elevated the Fool. Their battle will sell a million cars and untol mountains of soap. They will earn billions whichever wins while they practice hanging their collective heads and uttering…Oh my God…what have we unleased?

Meanwhile millions of people, hungry for change, hungry for what the future could and will hold are hidden behind a dark blanket, out of our view. They stand with Bernie but we are told by their absence in our Media

“Pay no attention to what you may see…just move along…there is nothing to see here.”


Bernie will win California and whether or not he wins the nomination, he has won the Election. Hillary is running a Campaign, Sanders is leading a Movement and the Movement has pulled our country into a Progressive stance.

Bernie has already won.


The Zoot Suit Riots were a series of racial attacks in 1943 during World War II that broke out in Los Angeles, California, during a period when many Mexican migrants arrived for the defense effort and newly assigned servicemen flooded the city. The zoot suit was banned because local politicians said it was too baggy and could conceal weapons and the transport of drugs. After grouping nearly 100 men wearing zoot suits they were beaten and stripped. No guns or drugs were found. More than 20 died in Los Angeles.
In the Hippie Days, men were called women, accused of hiding drugs in their hair. Several were captured, beaten and heads were shaved. When young black men began to wear baggie pants, police warned of gang activity and pants were a means of hiding guns.


A Talking head said yesterday: Hillary is running a campaign. Bernie is leading a movement.


Today’s Blog Post.
It is all perspective.
The British King saw the Colonies as Terrorists
The Colonies saw themselves as Freedom Fighters against the Oppressors.
It is all perspective.


Why should he quit? He has said that his supports have sent him millions of dollars and 27$ a pop and they have the right to express their vote and opinion.They paid for the right and he owes them the chance.He said it would be letting them down before they had a chance to vote.
The man has integrity.

it was just her thought. Makes sense though. If Bernie goes independent which is what Trump wants, Bernie splits the vote and Hillary loses. If Bernie joins Hillary, Trump is slaughtered…It is just a marketing move to further split them up, Just watch Trump.



Tell a lie…wait for a day. The lie is refuted.

Tell multiple lies a day, you are always battling which lie to refute.

The Power of Persuasion
He is a marketing genius and he knows what his supporters want to hear. His Supporters are angry with our Politics and not challenged with an over-abundance of education.

He is a master at keeping the opposition off balance. Imagine arguing with Insanity.


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