I’ll cherish the time


Many years ago, like most of my readers, I met the sisters of a dear friend. As it would be, I fell in love with each of them for different reasons. Their warmth, their joy, their spirit of creativity. I have had the pleasure of seeing them or hearing from them over the last 45 years.
Jeanne DeMott was my Joni Mitchell. She is the embodiment of warm spirit, a smile, a down-turned smile that could take you in deeper than the Grand Canyon.

She suffered a loss some time back. It is the greatest pain a parent can endure. Losing a son is losing a bit of heart. a cloud on the spirit.

Recently, Jeanne came in contact with the one of the most dangerous and unpredictable forces of nature. Her response is chilling, her fear is palpable.  Her response that follows is real. I know these thoughts crossed her mind.

What attracted me to her post was the way she approached the event with a spiritual dichotomy (defined as “a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different). She seemed to be at peace with either path. On one path, a reuniting, on the other, having a bit longer to share the way with those who love her alongside.

We face choice every moment in our lives. Some decisions we make. Some are made for us. But in either case, there must be acceptance. Acceptance that we have free will and we will face the dichotomy again and make a choice or maybe a choice is made for us.

I don’t know if there is a guiding hand. I don’t know if there is a right or wrong . But I know there is a choice, there will always be a choice and I will either be the one answering the door or the one knocking.

Her post, her words.

I set the words in this category called “Others Words” because they capture a moment, a vision. It is a string of words that bring us out to look over the edge.

Please enjoy Jeanne’s words, read the others in this category and please share a comment.


Jeanne DeMott
May 15, 2016

On a quick walk from the path that stretches across the farm, I see dark clouds in the foothills. Just another Rocky Mountain thunderstorm in spring. No rain here yet.
Then from the clear blue sky above, a lightning bolt stabbed the earth, what seemed like only feet away. The white light crackled and the deafening clap of thunder was instantaneous and surrounded me.
A scream formed from the pit of my soul and I didn’t recognize it as mine. What was wrong with my vision? I felt blind but could somehow still see. I cupped my hand over my right eye as I ran toward the house and I was blind. But when I cupped my left eye I could see. The strike had been just to my left. Like looking into a flashlight, a black spot remained but 100 times more intense. When sight returned, the imprint of a lightning bolt remained for awhile when I closed my eyes.
Carly, who was inside, said it felt like a bomb. Sparks shot out the outlets and the lights shuddered.
I’m pretty sure I dodged death. A once-in-a-lifetime event that could have taken me in an instant. What haunts me though, is the sadness I am left with. I’ll have to wait a little longer to see Shane’s beloved face again. In the meantime, I’ll cherish the time I still have with the ones I love.


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