Buckshot: Short Thoughts



America was like a mate that would kiss you when you walked into the room, would gift you for no reason other than love. America was a place where the air and the food and the water had not been fouled by the crap of greed.
America was help those around you, shelter, love and feed those around you without question. And it became fear, and hate and grab what is mine whether I need it or not, but I must keep you from having more than me!
America was a great experiment that we let fail.
We had a chance to turn it around and you would think we were trying to pass a gallstone rather than follow along with those leaders who we trust.
America was a great experiment and millions of us voted for buffoons who brag about our stupidity and then we vote them in again and again.
And they tell us who to hate and fear and stick their hands deeper and deeper into our pockets and our schools fail and our jails fill and our children forget how to love and dance and even forget how important their only home, their planet is.
Sorry. I am not giving up. But I am angry.

When was the last time a Voter, reviewed a potential candidates Federal Tax Return? They have been released by every President since 1977. Have YOU ever read through a single one?

Who is this for?


2,000,000,000. I think that is two Billion. Why are they raising two BILLION dollars to finance Hillary Clintons Campaign? Her salary would be as president $400,000 annual salary, along with a $50,000 annual expense account, a $100,000 nontaxable travel account, and $19,000 for entertainment.

Is there something I am missing? Is someone else going to benefit by her or for that matter ANY President for being in office?
I seem to be missing something.


An election is simple. It is gravity. Candidates state their position and slowly dissolve their  positions until one almost appears as the other. Cruz became more like The Donald and Hillary became more like Bernie. Even if Bernie loses the ability to representative “the Party” in the election, he has still had an impact on Hillary’s position. Between Hillary and Bernie, it is like two planetary spheres moving closer and closer together in their orbit.
But in this case, when the General election begins and the candidates are presumably Hillary and the Donald, the impact should be minimal. The Donald is so out there that it is like Neptune gravitational impact on Jupiter. I don’t imagine she will suggest building a wall. On the other hand, much of his firm positions have become “suggestions”

Whether or not he wins or loses, he has already had an impact on the evolution on the American Democratic experiment. It was so discouraging to see rally crowds of 10’s of 1000s at Bernie Rallys, have him overwhelmingly defeat his competition and only leave with a small handful of delegate. All of the Superdelegates had made their decision to back Hillary’s run for the White House even before Bernie entering the Race.

And that, he says, is not democratic. People vote, he wins and then she gets the nomination for having the most delegates and Superdelegates.
Maine has voted to stop the practice of having superdelegates. The Primary election will reflect the wishes of the electorate.

And that is how it should be. And Bernie has won by improving the process. And that will be just as important as being a President.


Reporters did and dig and dig until they can find something that sticks. Because we tend to forget.

Watch a naked boy in a shower…we forget and they are elected to office. Associate with a member of a Hate Group and we conveniently forget and elect them to office. Let a bank fail, get rescued by an opposition party leader.

Our leaders, Corporate or otherwise flipflop so much that we need an new word in our lexicon to describe their changes positions.

We forget our Holy Books, we forget the lessons from our loved family. With the bombardment and perversion of media, we have become mindless automatons, always ready to take in whatever code of appropriate memory they wish to implant to direct our appropriate response.

It does that matter what country we have allegiance toward. It could all change tomorrow.
25,000 members of the Klan march on Washington; Henry Ford receives the highest award a non-German could receive from the Nazi Regime for his Anti-Semitic views. We invade Vietnam and 10’s of thousands of our young die and for naught and a few years later we are convinced to invade again to the same conclusion. And we look around for another country to invade.

Maybe Memories have no place in our reality and we should just live in the moment, just live in the day.


In a restaurant:


“What did I order here last time?…I hated it’” or “What did I order here last time?…I loved it’”.


“He won’t hit me again. I made him angry. It was my fault,,,” and then “He won’t hit me again. I made him angry. It was my fault,,,”


We must buy Elected Officials Television sets so they can keep up with the News.They have the time.
They were shocked that the Rampaging Train known as Donald Trump would win the Nomination as quickly as he did!

I am a bad liar…Ask Bunny…I never lie…

But even I could come up with a better lie than. “We had no idea Mr. Trump would win the nomination so fast!”


I have been preaching this for decades. We get stupider and stupider. We had a choice of building schools or prisons. We built prisons.
We were given Bernie, we supported Trump. As a nation, we have given the world two Bushes, a Reagan and a host of other fools.
Sometimes you deserve what you get.


Before the hate
Before the Viagra
Before relationships slipped into a comedy routine,
A man told us what it was when a man loves a woman. She can’t do nothing wrong.
I have been blessed by a beautiful woman and many loving and beautiful women along my journey.I don’t know how I missed that Percy Sledge has passed but he told us all how to love one another.Sing it Percy…





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