Another day ends quietly


Another day ends quiet……ly

Another day ends quietly, everyone with their family snuggled in bed.
Rummys put at ease, hearing the gentle breathing of kin or toss of a family member long since seen.

Some will think forward to the morning as they drift,

some will toss and fret some,
but clenched hands will relax and the worry lines will fade.
Even those RummyHeads most frightened,will take some solace in the peace of sleep.

This is a time of coming together, families circle a table, smiling at a new baby or sitting blue faced and laughing in the flickering TV light.

Some Rummys look out their window tonight.
The silent hush of falling snow smooths landscape to a collage of graceful curves and arcs.
Patience Rummy eyes wait for the lights of loved ones returning late.

We grasp good wishes and thoughts tightly in our minds for the Rummys surrounding us. Some had something good happen today and know our turn will come.

A dayl comes when an old newspaper will be lifted in a dark garage and a sparkle will catch our eye as we say “how much is this?…A quarter!… I’ll take it. and then we rush to our home and cautiously chose the words that will best describe our new found treasure to the throngs of waiting wanters, fighting like King Midas pirahnas over our proud listing…
Shoes ahh new shoes.

Keep in your mind those we have come to know and whose words we love to see on our screens, that for one reason or another are not with us these days.

Pray in the way you know best to cure the failing health, to turn sadness into childish glee, to overflow their sagging coffers and reunite families separated by conflict or economy of those Rummys who can’t be with us now but on the strength of your good thoughts will return soon to our safe and warm harbour.
Beneath the palm, on a white sand beach never wanting for Rum.

Good Night every little RummyHead. Sleep tight…………….


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