A REPOST OF THE PAST: Another President Clinton. Don’t be scared. It will be fun!

I posted this on my Blog last August, 2015.
I think it is as relevant now as before due to recent political events.
I have not changed my position of support, but I am beginning to see through the media induced fog of the giant Hillary statue looming on the mountaintop.


Today’s blog post is sincerely political dribble.

I have little to no idea if it is true. I have one source of information and that it to listen to 4 dozen voices of all political affiliations, talking to me simultaneously. It is my job  “as a RESPONSIBLE” American, to try and to filter and focus on the voice most oft believed and isolate that wavelength from a myriad of voices of cacaphony.

I try to form an opinion. But unless I am sitting there. Unless, I can spend a few weeks sitting in coffee houses and hanging out with a person, I can only rely on my ability to sift through the voices.

Should I bother?

This morning the first thing I read in social media was that Hillary Clinton was a liar and a thief and covered with the fowl smelling mud of a thousand scandals, that anyone that supports her candicacy is a “sheeple.” She does not have to lie. She has won. She does not have to be a thief. It is given to her.

She is appointed. They (and you know who “they” are!) are afraid.

Now that I mention SHEEPLE…I find it amazing that a populist candidate who spews so much hate, who is the very embodiment of falsehood and faked scandal (remember the Birther issue?) is trouncing on the Republicans in the polls. Donald Trump of sports hero status grows in popularity every single day. We wait just to see what he will say next!

They must bring him down. They must crush Donald Trump.

They created the monster by leading them over to Fox News and Hannity and Coulter and O’Reilly and Breitbart and every limpdick liar that tried to come up with more outrageous ways to scream “I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK” when what they were saying was “I DON’T WANT A BLACK MAN AS PRESIDENT! I HATE BLACKS…and Mexicans and gays and atheists and commies and abortions and welfare moms and voting fraud BUT MOSTLY I HATE BLACKS!)

They fueled the monster, they build the Frankenstein of Democracy out of the American poor and undereducated and fearful and helpless and when they find someone like Donald Trump, they go for him hook, line and sinker.

And again they are scared. They must destroy the monster they unleased and they must destroy the monster that is not of their making but will crush them none the less.

It should be interesting.

Back to Hillary.

She is just a bad and evil person, bent on filling her pockets with the spoils of her greed, probably a close friend of Vladimir Putin, Satan and …liberals!

I don’t believe any of that. I don’t like her. I like the direction our current leader is suggesting, but he has been stymied and blocked at every path. Even so, he has managed to perform many miracles, but again I am forced to sift through the voices to learn this.

I add my voice.


Let me say this upfront:

I DO NOT support Hillary. She is too Republican.She speaks with her pockets bulging with Wall Street and Big Business money. Her husband was a great President and pulled this country out of an incredible mess, did fine and admirable work while in office, but like his wife, he was the victim of every fake, poorly concocted Scandal that they could throw at him.

Hillary is not a liar or a thief. She has little reason to be. She was appointed to be our next President and she will easily receive more votes than ANY of the 18 in opposition and they are scared.

Hillary has been named in a myriad of “trumped” up scandals of which none are proven because none are real. The opposition is scared and they will say anything to return to power.

Some of the “scandals” are laughably insigificant and just elaborately ignorant (Remember Travelgate?)

This being America, you can accuse someone of a scandal, waste money at unproductive and costly hearing after hearing to no avail and let it fade away until you need to run around screaming “Scandal, SCANDAL, SCANDAL!!!”

Still does not make it true.

Given that it was probably Hitler or Goebbels that said it first, it is still attributed to Karl Rove

“If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth”

Hillary will win the Presidency.

Hillary will strongly defeat the opposition.

But the machine will still pump out fake lie after fake lie.

This is about power true and simple. I do not want another money hungry elected official running my country on either side.

This is why if you stop and listen to what he says, look at his political history on what he has done, than you will see beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bernie Sanders then Elizabeth Warren is the only direction to save our Democracy from complete ruin.

I have not felt so strongly about someone since John Kennedy (but he cheated with Marilyn Monroe and drank with the Rat Pack) his brother Robert Kennedy (who knows what he did) and the old peacenik who turned out to be so right all along George McGovern…

I feel we have a chance with Bernie Sanders. I think that is why he puts so much emphasis on educating the country as our number one priority. He knows that a poorly educated populace is so easily controlled, so easily manipulated.

So I guess overall this blogpost did evolve into a commercial. But hey…it is mine and today I felt like saying my piece.

By the way, I added this chart from a friend. I don’t like meme’s but I am puzzzled that I don’t know the answer. There must be a catch.

I hope someone turns on the light for me.

This chart is not so much Democrat or Republican. It is Progressive (which is not a dirty word) and Conservative (I will never understand why people vote against their own self interests…)


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