Song outside your window

Song outside your window

(to a sad friend. I am sorry I could not make your heart smile)

To be sad in Paradise
To cry in Paradise
To listen to songs outside your window
running outside, to find the melodies gone,
Flown away is beyond me.

You are there in silence. With only an empty self.

Everyday is giggle and candied jells
Sweet fruit and blue sky
Clearblue to heaven
And below water laughs
And the romance of desert breeze holds you gentle,

Pushed away as if foul.

Yet you sit in darkness, embracing the darkness
Waiting for mutants
Attracting darkness and the mutants to find you
You do not love yourself and the mutants will find you
Cloaked in shawls of darkness, they paw you.

And your heart goes dark
And cold
And empty
And can not feed the soul

Are you deaf to air whispers of love floating ‘round you?

You run to the window and the melody flies away.

You hold sad like crystal, delicate and savory
Pushing away the blue for the blues,
Feeling scorching heat from the sun
And not warmth.

You run to Fantasy Land

You are there in silence.

Finding a spiteful dragon’s dank cavern

And you will still be there


You will never see the love, you will never feel the blue of the sky

and hear the undaunted warble song of a bird outside your window

until you learn to love yourself. You are a Goddess, blessed by the

Muse with the eye and the hand that captures soul but without the love,

you will remain wrapped in a shawl that offers no comfort but weights

heavy on your shoulders


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