VOTE : The Prozac of Democracy

As much as I disagree with the Donald, the whole process seems wrong and somewhere, sometime when we weren’t looking…it all got stolen away.

Where did my country go? Not the 50’s. Not back to the “Good Old Days”.
Not back to where it was not OK to be different.

I mean back to a Democracy. Back to when I had a vote. I had a say. I could wave my arm wildly and say YES or NO and it was not totally disregarded and what THEY wanted really took presedent and they just gave me the vote like they were giving me a Democracy Prozac.

It was supposed to make me feel good and that I was participating. But inside…they were laughing at my gullibility.

Really…who did I think I was?

They laugh at us when we support Voting Suppression because 1 in 10,000 maybe 1 in 100,000 cheated. And 100,000 people are thrown off the voting roles.

They trample our rights to stop the terrorists from killing us. But the only people really killing us is us.

“Number of Americans killed by terrorism in the last decade: 24. Number of Americans killed by guns in the last decade: 280,024.”

They save us from Ebola, I think it killed 2 Americans maybe 3 but…

“Cigarette smoking kills more than 480,000 Americans each year, with more than 41,000 of these deaths from exposure to secondhand smoke.”

And we won’t even go to alcohol related deaths, a woman’s right to choose, the decline of our infra-structure and the cutbacks of anything that made it a little easier. And yet Corporate Welfare and Tax breaks and Tax Havens are gagging us with numbers we can’t even imagine..

We are fools. We are fools that we elect those with absolutely no interest in improving our lot in life. We had a chance but it is fading.

So I agree with you. I will keep loving who I want, surviving the best I know how, agreeing with some, disagreeing with others but not with the same heart I had before.

It is hard to eat something that isn’t poison.
It is hard to drink something that isn’t poison.
It is hard to breath something that isn’t poison.
It is harder to say “That never happens in my neighborhood.” because now it does.
It is harder to turn on the News because there never seems to be any and when there is you think to your self between soap and car commercials “What the hell is this crap?”

So now we just live our lives of quiet desparation, huddled up against the castle walls and do the best we can.|


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