Just taken from the News in May


Once again, my Muse peered into the future and these few words filled my page.

I live with my Muse and sometimes she has no choice but to sadden me.


With more death of children in the city of Peshawar, I am saddened by the loss of so many families.
The cheers of children playing soccer on a field in Lahore were silenced by those same extremists who caused the tears of loss in Pakistan.
We must stop the fighting.
We must save the children.
With some of the events that have taken place in Lahore in the last few days, I wanted to bring this piece up to the top.

I took a Daewoo bus

back to Lahore

feeling Tears and Joys for going

back to Lahore.

To the warmth of a home

and an empty field

there were few cheers going

back to Lahore.

There is Peace there now

said young Ibrahim

the eldest of six boys going

Back to Lahore.

A tourist unknown, from an oft traveled path,

dreams of the foods and the spirits leading

Back to Lahore.

Long life and prospers going

Back to Lahore.

May 4, 2009 8:28 AM

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