A Collection of Ifs



A Collection of Ifs


Opinions have sat on the edges of our airwaves asking “Who is responsible for creating ISIS?” Many have been accused.

I think that we can expand that question to “Who is responsible for creating the division between the Western World and the Islamic World?”

I think the answer to that question may go back centuries, maybe dozens of centuries.

What if it was the Crusades. What if it was wars from the West, that concluded with colonization and the drawing of arbitrary state lines to satisfy the interests and securities of Western nations and not the concerns of the local peoples.

What if it was toppling some regimes and supporting repressive regimes that angered the repressed. What if it was supplying jet fighters and tanks and automatic weapons and munitions and missiles and advisors instead of medicines and foods and education and infrastructures of peace that fueled and fertilized a fertile ground for extremists and murderers like Isis and Al-Qaida.

You look at the young faces and you wonder what drove them to stand in the midst of strangers and babies and the elderly and mothers and fathers and so willingly take their own life?

What hate drove them to this madness?

And then you look at the divisions growing among the people of Europe. The resurgence of Fascism. The Resurgence of the Nazis. The Resurgence of Hate.

And then you look at the divisions growing on our own soil. You look at the hate. You look at the elections. You listen to the words that will divide us, that fill us with hate and fear and anger.

You have choices. We all have choices. But for many, the choices being made are not the direction they see for their country. Many are frightened with a leader elected that will take our Country closer to war, invade our rights as defined by our Constitution.

You can only wonder: What if?

What if one of these extremists (and the reader could chose who is an Extremist on either side of the spectrum.) is elected as President and begins to lead us down their Extremist path.

A war is brewing. People lash out in Social Media. They lash out in Electoral Rallies. They lash out when interviewed on the TV news. And somewhere a battle is brewing.  And everywhere is the color of hate and the spice of Fear.
And what if somewhere, someone is contemplating strapping on a suicide belt or a suicide vest or grabbing a pocket full of bullets and an automatic weapons and lashing out.

What if?

And we will look at their faces and wonder to ourselves: What drove this person to kill so many. What drove this person to suicide? What cause is so all-absorbing?

Americans have a history of committing suicide. We have heard for decades of soldiers taking on a “Suicide Mission.” Our police, fireman, brave people that think of the community and not their own self face the threat of suicide for a cause every day.

It will happen someday.  What if?

I hope not. I hope I will never look into the blank face of a young spirit and wonder what drove them to this madness?

But you can only ask yourself today…What if?


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