A Hard Position to Take



A Hard Position to Take:

Defending Trump?


I don’t like this position.

I don’t want to defend someone that I feel little to no affinity towards.

I actually get a bit nauseous when I find myself in the position of having to defend Donald Trump.

He is wrong. I do not support any of his positions, regardless of what they are today. He is not an inspiring political leader. He is a member of the 1% Establishment that I have railed against for most of my life.
Donald Trump is not by any stretch of the imagination, my hero.

But I firmly believe the Political Establishment is giving Donald Trump a raw deal. I believe the Media Establishment is giving him a raw deal. I believe his opposition is giving him a raw deal.

All three groups swore when this all began and the political season opened, Donald Trump would crawl away, run away, whatever away as a failed political footnote in American history.

Much to my chagrin, he has received a majority of votes in many state primaries and caucuses. If he stays his course, he will be and should be the Nominee of the Republican Party.

And that is what he should be. He earned the right to represent the Party through garnering a majority of votes and delegates.

But now collectively, the Establishment in Washington, his political opponents and even some Wealthy donors are banding together and attempting to block his nomination against the will of the American people that voted for Donald. They are mounting an Anti-Donald Trump campaign. They are attempting to sway the will of the American voter by whatever means necessary.

He is mocked on debate stages. His male prowess is questioned. He is belittled. He is no angel, but he is responding to their mockery and attacks. He is assaulted on both sides and even somewhat by the impartial moderators.

Last night, he was confronted with giant stage size graphs and charts, questioning his position, huge videos challenging his position with various interviewers and questions that were worded in such a way as to pit one or more of his opponents against him.

He was set up. No other candidate faced graphic attempts of embarrassment or videos meant to crush their position or spirit.

That was saved exclusively for Donald Trump.

Every News outlet leads with the latest Donald Trump faux-pas and rarely gives equal time to any other candidate.

It seems odd that in a system that is bulging with lobbyists and Corporate Donors with huge mountains of money to bury political officials with, that this would be the loudest voices against Donald Trump. By spending their donations, these bribe secure the wealthy of securing just exactly what they want from Washington and other center of power.

But Donald seems to be rejecting that notion. He doesn’t seem to need the money and that would seem that most of the other elected officials would be rendered impotent, unable to jump through the hoops provided by the Wealthy.

And this is angering both the officials that take the bribes as well as the Corporations that have an agenda.

If they manage to block a candidate, who is on course of reach the convention with sufficient delegates to represent his chosen party in a General Election, he should be allowed to do so.

Any other blockage, any other manipulation would be a violation of the American Democracy. Any attempt to circumvent the voice of the American voter would be Anti-American and traitorous at best!

Remember, I do not support Donald Trump, but I support his right as an American to run for political office.


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