Hardly a day passes

Hardly a day passes


Hardly a day passes where I don’t think about this photograph.

It is simple.  Two young people sitting on a bench, turning, smiling.
Neither can know anticipate what path their lives will take when they get up from sitting together on this bench.

Kayla, the young girl on the left, soon after this photograph, was captured by ISIS and held captive until she was killed as a result of hate and exploding metal.

They tried to close her mouth, to chill her soul, to steal her life. But instead she inspired the soul spirits she touched.

That is all we can we ever hope to accomplish in our short life in the angry confusion called Earth, 21st Century.

I wrote to Molly on the right a few words a while back. I met Molly and Jeffrey Kyle as they were beginning their trek along the Pacific Crest Trail. My words fall short of action, but they are my words:



Addendum 2/18/2016:

I corresponded with Molly this morning about how important her love and efforts were to this mass of terrified people. She had posted words from a video provided from “Are you Syrious”. I was touched again. You could sense the fear and terror in the words of these people caught up in a horrible and devestating disaster.

Molly has set up a funding site that I want to include on this post. I said it was the least I could do from so far away. Please share this blog,share this link, share with the children and families.

MK4REFUGEES Organized by: Molly Hock


I find this to be one of those timeless photographs that mean so much to me.

Some Greek hero, on his route home, spoke of the golden path on the water, leading his ship back home.

There are two sitting here: Molly, a young lass from Arizona who heart and spirit is filled with all of the wonderment and joy you can imagine and her friend Kayla who recently was taken by  ISIS, held in a  stronghold until she was caught in the war of blood and hate.

Each have followed their own path.

I am amazed by the paths Molly and her friend Jeffrey Kyle have followed during their lives and ones that they continue to follow.
We get reports of them pulling scared and starving families from the ancient waters of the Greek Mediterranean and helping them to shelter, food and warmth along their path to safety and freedom.

I am thankful that our paths crossed in the desert a few years back on their way North up the Pacific Crest Trail.
For Kayla, this represents a different path, no different in that it is filled with love and compassion. But I think her path leads her spirit to an Infinity. To a place where she can express love without fear, compassion without compromise.
Along the way, along her path, I am sure young people find inspiration and will and energy to fight hate with compassion, to crush fear with hope.

We all have our path, in this life, in this dimension whether you can hear our voice or feel our lips on your cheek.

Where Kayla’s path leads, I am sure she is comforting a spirit. As I said before, the spirit of love and compassion from one little woman from Arizona with a smile can bring down Hate to its knees even if for just a brief moment.

Peace and Hugs from the desert!


2 thoughts on “Hardly a day passes

  1. Really difficult subject matter, but it definitely rebrands the “humans” in the conflict for me. I am so sorry about what happened to Kayla, but Molly and her family are so strong to be out there, helping as many people as they can.


  2. If you watch it, you can accept it and move forward. If you can touch it, it gains in reality. Ask Thomas. At some point, the crucifixion got all to real for him. As soon as I heard of Kayla, I knew there was a connection. In a matter of days, I was sent the picture of Molly and Kayla at the bench and it was like sticking my hand into the wound. It became so real.
    I have always admired the energy of Molly and Jeffrey Kyle. I admire their youth, their love, their sense of adventure and in looking at the world as a challenge, a sweet for them to consume.
    These people are also in our world.


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