Can you Lie? Really Lie? Earn $$$ Lying

Can you lie?

At first I thought this statement should be followed with:

Earn $25.00 with each lie!

Earn Millions!

Like we used to see on the back pages of every comic book telling us we could be a commercial artist if we drew this duck, how to raise Sea Monkeys or have abs like strongman Charles Atlas.

But this is 2016 and our lies are much are much more cynical, our lies can change the course of nations. Our lies can even kill.

Our Nation was founded on lies and liars. Benedict Arnold, Richard Nixon, WMD George et. al.

We face lies in Business:

You gain muscles, you lose weight, you support the wounded Veterans, you pick a worker from a list and they don’t ever pay to be on the list. We were voted the Best and Lifetime Guarantee.

Today we started to talk about lies in Social Media. I have always maintained with my writing group is that it is impossible to write about something you have no knowledge of.

I understand we can write fantasies, but it is composed of an amalgamation of things we can imagine or have some exposure.

I understand we can write science fiction because we understand the nature of time, of the distant past and the distant future.

I am amazed at the South Sea Islanders who until the the Japanese or the American forces showed up with refrigeration and ice cubes or even snow, the local population didn’t ever have a word for the existence of frozen. They had no inkling that anything such as cold even existed.

We all exist just as those South Sea Islanders. Even though we are bombarded with every form of media and knowledge, there are realities in the Universe, in other dimensions that exist that we do not even have a vision or perception.

This is why I don’t think you can mask yourself on Facebook. I don’t think you can lie on Facebook. I think you can attempt to mask and lie and cover up, but with any looking under the digital sheets, you will quickly be revealed.
It is impossible.

People talk about being taken in by the Liars of Social Media, but they are as much to blame as the “creative” writer. The reader wants to accept the words, they want to identify with the picture. They yearn to become one with the image and live a vicarious life with the poster.

I have seen it happen 100 times. They are as much at fault as the person attempting to create a new existence.

We are losing the ability to perform a critical judgment. We are losing the ability to perform a critical evaluation.
We have taken the willing suspension of disbelief by the poet and aesthetic philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge, just a bit too far.

And now we suspend our disbelief of our Politicians and our Advertisements and the Media and everything we put into our bodies and minds.

Take responsibility. Uncloak the statue. Expose the Lie.
Or figure out some way to get paid for it



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