Happy Birthday to Love

Love has it’s own Birthday. Love has Valentine’s Day. Today, unlike any other is consigned to Love. It should be different.

For some it is.

But Love is here and today is a day that recognizes Love and celebrates a Birthday.

Nearly everyone of my friend’s has a Birthday.

With every birthday, I like to think about what I know of the person, why they are important not only to me, but to those that surround them. I try to say a few words, maybe a few more than just Happy Birthday, because I believe we should make those around us feel good and that is how I want to be remembered.

I want to be remembered like my old friend Al Perrone.

Allen is gone now, but anytime old SAP workmates gather around, we bring up Al and everyone has an Allen story to share and everyone finishes with a smile.

That is what I want for my legacy. (My Bunny thinks that I must write a book about everything but it is more than that!) I want to be remembered with a smile. How else would you want to be remembered?

Today I want to wish Valentine a Happy Birthday. I know the day is commercial, I know it jacks up the price of chocolates and roses but unlike any other day, it celebrates Love. It is a day we can attempt to share love, even if we know only how to buy something that might reflect our love. I think it makes the expression of love clumsy for a simple reason.

Love and the celebration of Love and the definition of Love appears impossible to grasp.

Eating dinner last night, Bunny and I talked about Love. OK, I talked about Love, Bunny listened. I said that since we first scribbled paint on walls, we have tried to define Love.

We can’t. It defies definition. We paint, we carve, we build pyramids and write poems. We film it, we cook it, we swill it down but we get no closer to defining it. We get no closer to understanding anything about it.

We get closer to understanding it and then it is like grasping vapor.

We yearn for love. We die for love. We starve for love. We know it when we feel it, but we have no idea what it is. We study it in the lab, we break it down to chemical reactions and electronic impulses and yet we don’t have an idea what it is.

I said at dinner that maybe Love was infinity and that we had no better chance at defining and recognizing infinity then we did Love.

And it brings me to Valentine’s Day.

It is a day of love, it is a day we celebrate the undefinable yet it is the day we want to share a rose and a chocolate with those we have chosen to love, those we wish to love, those we yearn to love.

I wish all of you, a Happy Valentine’s Day and ask that you remember to share some love with those near and far!

Peace and Hugs!


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