The 1 % Solution in the News

Today, Pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli, the uber-wealthy boyish drug company entrepreneur who spent millions on a Wu-Tang Clan album he hasn’t even listened to yet just to bug us that he can have it and we can’t, has been snatched up and may end up for a day in jail.

He is rumored to be worth billions.
He had garnered a giant bag of hate and despise by all of us 99 % and he is just now 32.

He has so far to go!

He is a perfect candidate to attend the Temple in the 1 % Solution. He so needs to get past the guilt he must be carrying around.
Here is a quick excerpt from the book.Please enjoy and feel sorry for Martin and the overwhelming fear and guilt and oppresion he must be feeling!


“Trent Gillespie didn’t hate or despise them as many around him did. The Wealthies fascinated him, that like aliens, illegal or interplanetary, they could live among us. We would rarely have a chance to steal a glimpse of them unless Paris had to serve another few publicized days in a local jail or there was a weird news story catching our collective eye about a 700 dollar bottle of beer or diamond crusted IPod from a Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog.

And that is what we, the 99% the beer boobs, the fun-bags and Mugs did when we finally caught them: we chase them, we photograph them from every angle, we arrest them, we try them in a court of our law, and then we beg for their blood, we beg to be allowed to eat them and then we put them in jail. Just for a few days.”

Find out more about the 1 % Solution: A mystic’s Tale by grabbing your copy on Amazon.

The 1 % Solution: A Mystics Tale. On sale now!


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