It turns out to be Funny.

Deadly but Funny.

Sad but Funny.

I woke up this morning and realized how funny this all is!

Yes, some are getting caught up in it. Some are spending all their money on guns and ammo and dried survivalist foodstuffs and even some people are dieing.

But I’m sorry. This is funny. Think about it….Just not too hard.

They ELECTED Sarah Palin (She can see Russia from her house!).

They ELECTED  Michele Bachman (She can cure Gays!)

They elected George Bush….look …there’s a Muslim and he’s hiding a WMD.

Boy this is a funny door! (Bafflement)



Remember They will put you in camps,, kill our granma, take your guns, divide up all your money,  open the borders, gas will cost 6 bucks a gallon and unemployment will be nearly 100% percent just before the Muslim Brotherhood takes over.

This is funny material . I swear you can not make this up.

Remember Chicken Little?…he fell for it in the funnies!
Remember “The War of the Worlds”? A whole bunch fell for that!
Remember when one of the top Fox news comedians said that

“Hey Black Panthers are blocking all the White People from voting at the Polling Stations”

and there was just two old guys in berets stopping every scared white guy and granma in America.
Finally, remember duct tape on your windows, the 1st Lady is tricking you into eating vegetables…there is no global warming…look there’s a WMD…over there  –>…no there <– and Mexicans are taking your jobs!

Well unlock your doors cause they are coming to take your guns and your money and then put you in a Camp!
A Funny Camp.
We are so lucky in this country to hold a real majority and then entire comedy channels with really funny people that make up real funny stuff every night (or is it horror?), a whole bunch that travel the countryside and talk about OK…(puffs chest..) We are going to BUILD a wall! And you don’t want healthcare and the media is liberal and no one is really working!
We are all on government handouts waiting for the black bandit gangs!
This, Folks is funny stuff…Maybe a little paranoid…Maybe a little to real sounding but have you listened to what they are saying.
This is FUNNY stuff!

Now let’s go invade Norway! Wait…Let’s get UZbecky,becky,beckystan.
NO! CANADA! (Their socialists yah know!)




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