The 1 % Solution: A Mystic’s Tale Excerpt 2

The 1 % Solution: A Mystic’s Tale Excerpt 2

After several months, time has allowed me to finish my book The 1% Solution.
It is the story of the wealthied guilt of the 1%, fear, confusion, the seeking of a higher power and especially of the role Coincidence plays in all of our lives.

I am proud of the story I tell, amazed by the coincidence that has taken place during it’s creation and of couse

If I have intrigued you, my book is now available at the link below, first on Kindle, then in paperback.

As always, I look for your feedback and comments.

Thank you,
Stuart Welch


Book 8

Developing and maintaining Mystical Spiritual Leader market share was without a doubt, going to be a major problem to overcome. But even George Bush II had somehow manipulated and managed to get elected twice. Well almost.

He was sure to have competition, but at least they would be playing catch-up.

He wasn’t blind to the fact that the Catholic and Christians and Baptists and the AMC and the CME and Protestant and Methodist and born again Evangelicals and not forget the Presbyterians, Lutherans, Nazarenes, Mormons and especially the Jehovah’s Witnesses were about to lower a pewful of righteous indignation and grief on his attempt to resurrect a new God or add a Mystical Spiritual Leader to the mix, opening up the possibility of re-igniting and resurrecting a cornucopia of Gods they had all worked so hard to put to bed and bury two millennia earlier.

On the other hand, he didn’t expect too much trouble from the Episcopalians, Unitarians, New Agers, or Jews. One of the redeeming aspects of this plan was Trent’s target marketing approach. There were plenty of folks to go around for all of the more established Organizations.

He was looking to one specific group: People with large amounts of Money, old or new. He had already named them the 1% Wealthies.


Thank you…

Here is a link to my latest book The 1 % Solution: A Mystic’s Tale


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