Rockport Revisited

Ancient landscapes, punctuated by warm

Moments of two pasts,

Lived fully, separately.

Two times distance,

Both coasts in motion, neverending waves.

Each past-pained, confused,

But fused still by soft flame,

(and Dreams of growing up).

Me fueled by Jamison and yours by chocolate

hot and thick, reminded you of lost days in Vienna.

Our laughter allowed no silence.

(We are separate & stuck to our guns)

My Christmas complete,

Shared gifts of

Scurry criss-crossed parks & pounds

Of Eddie’s catch slickbutterwhite

Dreamgrams and champagne star bubbles.

Rising to the night’s top.

Witness to the city sky’s

Softgentle birth of snowflakes.

We were gentle reborn

In warm moments touched.

Cheeks chilled bitter by November breezes,

Stirred rhythms long-stilled,

By Time spent in Long Beaches and isolations

(Is our History complete? The Book’s last chapter written?)

I left you in Fantasy,

And returned to a city with no reason to exist,

No frozen-skating river children.

Searching, stabbing upward glass scrapers

Splintering skies

Crushing adobe shacks of the long Past.

I felt I have left you in a History

And passed

In tact.


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