Shutting down Facebook: Is Blindness ever a good thing?

Why does someone drop from the rolls of Social Media?

There is a certain relief in blindness. Maybe it is one less exposure to what is happening around us. Even if whatever is posted is found to be not true, at least the thought that it triggered a post should be enough to motivate one to find out the truth behind the fiction.
If one even cares.
Or does the knowledge frighten? Are we afraid that 1000 have been threatened to be exposed to the masses of their association with known Racist Groups? Can one be afraid of the curse of eating certain foods, the damage to our environment from those with the largest buckets of money, jailing of Bankers in a small democratic nation for corrupt practices?
Videos of cats sliding mercilessly down stairs or dogs chasing beams of light endlessly are even being shut down from some lives.

Maybe because they just don’t have enough time for cute even.

Maybe we are chilled by one more unnecessary police action? Maybe we are frightened for the police, maybe for the seeming innocents cut down?

I could rattle on and on about the good, the bad, the great, the hope and the evil. But if we are here, we probably already know.
(I would love it if all my readers would post the scariest , most frightening thing taking place outside their door. But I rarely put demands on readers)

Maybe our fear to shut down the feed of Facebook or other social media is a fear of drowning? We ask for a sip of cool water and we collectively face the blast from a firehose.

I suppose since our news is a collection of tidbits approved for our consumption by the Corporate powers that be, that turning off the news is just as frightening as leaving it on. To be reduced to the belief that we have so little control of our life…our world.

I am reminded of many monster films. Whether it is a fire breathing dinosaur lizard brought to life by radiaton or blobs of matter that roll through the countryside consuming any organic resistance, there always seems to be a villager, a family maybe that is shocked by the appearance of the monster. As if the monster destroying the countryside has not been the talk of a thousand TV shows, a million posting, even the chatter at the backyard fence.
They look shocked, running madly in all direction screaming The Monster, The Monster! as if they had no idea that the Monster was heading toward them.
How could they not know?
Is ignorance bliss? Do we need to ask the souls of villages pillaged by Attila? Do we need to ask the Jews herded onto waiting trains? Do we need to ask the people of the West who stare into a half glass of muddy water :Didn’t you hear about the drought?

Does knowing that the World is burning, that it is baked in corruption and famine and awaiting a fate make anything any better?
Is blindness to the zombie apocalype preferable to being caught up in it? I wrote once that the the Bomb is dropped, there are those that want to be in the center of the explosion. They don’t want to wander the destroyed world, looking for a scrap of food. They want it over.
And then there are those that dig a hole, build a wall and attempt to prolong their survival.

And then there are those who either turn to cinder or spend their final days with radioactive pain burning their bodies, who had no idea what the hell just happened…

They must have shut down their Facebook.


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