Passing my Tooth’s Barrier

Passing my Tooth’s Barrier

There is no doubt I draw much of what I blog about each day from Facebook posts. Today someone I know, curious about a little more of who they were chatting with than what surfaced in the conversational posts.

My friend did what we should all do. Looked at the About page on Facebook of people in their list of friends.

It is amazing of what we will like, TV shows we will watch, photo’s we will post, memes we will save and postings from others outside our circle that further fill in the puzzle of just who are we friends with.

I suspect that if we by some chance, we are linked on Facebook to someone that heads into a Charleston Church and murders a dozen, ruthlessly guns down of myriad of people in a school or even if we know someone who is linked to someone who espouses extreme views of bloodlust or hatred, we will get a visit by minions of Wolf or Anderson or local black-suited, dark shaded officials.

It happens so much these days, that the chances that we know someone who knows someone that makes the news cycle is not that rar

When my friend looked, they discovered a cesspool of hate, racism, anti-Semitism and just downright nasty. They hated that the friend seemed to hide their true feelings and they slashed the person from the Facebook Friend List. They posted:

                    “Just deleted an acquaintance from my Facebook page after seeing racist comments on her page. She seemed nice, but you never know what’s bubbling underneath. Do me a favor… If you hate Jews, Gays, Christians, Mexicans, Blacks, or any other group of decent people… Just unfriend me. Yes i have opinions in life .. But i don’t hate, i don’t lump everyone together, and i don’t           blast out    racist remarks on my page thinking my friends should agree with my foul words. Nothing more disgusting then going to someone’s     page and seeing untrue and unkind remarks about your own kind. I don’t have the time or inclination for that trash”.

So…you hate haters? hmmmm. And deal with them by deleting them. Hate…

Not exactly an emotion we are given a chance to express much these days. Can’t kill Indians, can’t post White’s Only signs and people frown when you have a sign that reads:

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Jesus…No Service!

It is hard to find a good place to hate stuff anymore. Except it is still there, bubbling under the surface. Some are better at dealing with it than others. Some just wake up, decide this is the day, grab several guns perched nearby, stuff their pockets with ammunition and head out to take out their hatred somewhere.

My children don’t understand Facebook.

They only see pictures of kittens and babies and the occasional deep meaning meme. They like kittens and babies and puppies and even read the deep meaning memes, feel a little guilty that they are not what the meme portrays. They do Give Up, They had Bad Days and they can’t be as Awesome as a Puppy.

My children do not understand Facebook. They assume since they are new, that they are used to never exposing themselves for fear of …well exposure and that Facebook is chock full of exposures.

Hey, look at me…I like kittens and puppies and cute babies and Everyone is motivated and we all should love the Planet. And to this I say Bullsh*t. If Facebook is life than I am wrong, but if Facebook is just another layer of clothing we wear to tell the world how we feel and who we are than Facebook is not so obvious and no matter what you might mindlessly post in a conversation, there is always the truth. There is always the mask and today is no different than yesterday or a century ago. Only know we have the “About” page.

It takes a smattering of being judgmental. And no one wants to admit it. They are judgmental. At least hidden behind their smirks and uttered behind the wheel of their cars.


What can we make of someone that think “Cops” is their favorite show or they like a certain group or candidate and that “Like” button may just slip and expose a little more than what we had intended?

I see more than that. I think it is hard to hide ourselves even if we try. You can tell by what someone likes, their music, their TV shows and movies and esp. their friends. The reality of who they are really hide behind the posts when they can’t hold back.
We utter things on social media. We curse public figures, we mock our Leaders, we digitally spit in the face of those we would bow to in public. Social media is such a safety net.

Sadly many of us are out of control. Maybe it is the meat additives or the GMO’s or the fluoride or the bombardment with microwaves and cell phones and TV radiation.

People try to be so subtle but when it comes to who they really are, without knowing it, they scream it out on Facebook.

I am a little surprised at how many from my past, took a turn and now carry two faces: how they felt and how they feel.

For some reason, we feel like when we are on Facebook, a chatroom, or any social media site…we lose control and say things we would never utter at your home during one of those lovely wine parties.

Facebook lets it out, takes down our fence, even if we try to erect one, it is still visible. The person you deleted didn’t just magically decide racism was the answer and Jews don’t pay interest ( Jews might seem unconcerned…but they are interested!). It just took looking under the cover and voila…we are all exposed.! 

Maybe a purpose of Facebook is a great People Sorter. Reds with reds. Whites with whites. Blues, blues. We all end up sorted into groups of like colors. 
Which is what we wanted anyway but something held us back from standing up in the IHOP or the PTA or the kids soccer game and screaming I HATE ALL DUHS or DAHS!!!

I know that the bravery provided by the shield of Social Media has been discussed before. I know we are secure that we can curse and slam and belittle whomever, whenever and by using whatever words necessary to express our innermost dragon.

Or we can post images of kittens in boxes and starving children standing waif-eyed around a bulging banquet table and feel good about ourselves until next time.

One thing I have learned is that there are my thoughts and then there are my social media thoughts. I tiptoe as carefully in strings and with postings as I would at any party. And if I offend you, I suspect I mean to offend you. If you leave, it is like another saying “Facebook is nice, for when people drop you it is like trash that takes itself out.”

Maybe so. But I always remember the barrier of my teeth (and my finger tips now as well) as I realize there are thoughts in my head I wish to express, ones better left swirling and just blurts. My teeth, my fingertips form a barrier or at least it should form a barrier that will protect me from exposure…

Now if you headed to my “About” page…there might be a different me!



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