New Words, New Path

This morning, I heard the new music video “Turn My Ship Around” and I thought of the words of Eduardo Bardudo.
He said:

So much of the repeated failures of life is not going back far enough to reset the path. It is only natural that we want to hold onto the precious, instead of letting it go for a true restart. We assume that it first emerged from us so it must be a gem.

But it is wrong and we must throw it away, learn from mistakes and set a new course,

Writers do it all the time. I suspect artists do as well. Success in the creativity of life is remembering to go back far enough to try a new journey

But let it go…go way back until it hurts and then begin again down a new path.

Life is not that long. You only get so many restarts.

Eduardo Barbudo ’15

Here is the Video. Please enjoy. Just click below. I only ask that you share this blog and Jeremy’s new song!

Jeremy Buck and “Turn my Ship around”


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