Delicate Words to an Old Friend

Yesterday a longtime friend said that he was in strong disagreement that our President (who he referred to as Barry) had suggested to allow 10,000 Syrians refugees into America. He was incensed that he allowed this to happen on 9/11 and that the Syrians should be checked carefully to make sure they have nothing that will go “boom” in their pockets.

He went on to say this was one of the wackiest decisions that he had made and then my friend questioned which side was “Barry “ on?

I had to respond.


I have known you longer than most everyone who has posted here and like most of them, I am a bit surprised at what you said.

I will say upfront that I disagree.

I disagree for a couple of reasons. First certain “political Groups”, Candidates and Media Outlets have been jumping up and down screaming with fear in their voices, that our borders are porous and mixed in with the 1,000’s of illegals are a smattering of ISIS, Hamas, Al-Qaeda and armies of the Al-Shabab, bent on bringing us down, forced us to bow toward Mecca multiple times a day or face a horrible wrath. These terrorist waddle across the Rio Grande wrapped in souvenir serapes and wearing giant straw hats emblazoned with MEXICO and dropping their Qurans along the way.

Why would these terrorists choose the refugee road to get to the United States to kill us?
We have a long history of letting in the world’s refugees and we have survived as a people and a nation. You survived, I survived, we have KFC and Facebook, we drive Chevies and watch Wheel of Fortune. We let in nearly 400,000 ex Soviet Union Commies, 200,00 Boat People Vietnamese,  and nearly a half million Yugoslavian, Iraqis and Burmese. Each group with a grudge and with more reason to hate us than the next periodically flood across our border.
We survived.

Don’t forget the past migration of the Irish, the Italians, the Mexicans, the Jews that we let in by the boatloads. Millions of them. The Chinese got the privilege of coming to America to find “The Naturalization Act of 1790 restricts citizenship to “free white persons” of “good moral character.”

The law would be enforced until 1952.  That was after you were borne and yet…
Second, I understand your fear of letting them in. In our youth we would not have had an “Open Party” at our parent’s house with a keg of beer and 10,000 San Fernando bikers out of respect for our parents stuff. It is no different today.
But those are just opinions. But I know your heart is good and your soul is strong.
What I have a BIG problem with is the respect shown a person we elected twice to lead our country.

One of the ways the opposition wins you over is by demeaning the leader. And that is the trap you fell into. To beat the Vietnamese, we had to reduce them to gooks, Germans had to make nasty demeaning images of Jews and who could forget the WOPS (Slang for “Without Papers” ) and Diego’s.
You referred to the President as “Barry”…Really? We have been relatively safe since 9/11? Really?

Take a review of this list and remind me how safe we are…

List of Muslim Attacks on American Soild since 9/11/.
Finally, I don’t even know how to address

“You’ve had some really whacky ideas over the past 7 years,

but this one takes the cake! Come on Barry, wake up!

This is one of your worst ideas EVER! And you come up

with it on the anniversary of 911? Whose side are you

on anyway?”

This President has fought against every obstacle that the opposition has thrown at him since his Election Night. Even holding a meeting that the opposition leader announced that they would not support a single piece of legislation that the President introduced or signed into law. The Law of the Land. Huh…They through any respect for that aside regardless of what the constituents wanted since they voted him in as President twice. (Without the intervention of local voting officials or even the Supreme Court!) The reason he was elected twice is that liked what he represented and polls have said that if the people were allowed to elect him for a third term in office…they would.
Here is a partial list of just 50 of his accomplishments for America during his tenure.

List of President Obama’s Accomplishment while in Office

And as far as the Refugees, I think we need to solve the problem, we initiated this mess by weakening the structure of the Syrian Country, that allowed a virus like ISIS to grow and fester and kill and maim millions of innocents. Fix the problems so that these people do NOT have to flee to the EU to wherever someone will take them in (like a man, a woman and a donkey on a cold night in Bethlehem…we can see what trouble that started for the poor Romans…)
Help these people get back their home and accept them with open arms onto our shores until we fix it!
OH, and as far as the Mexicans…I bet if our people and Corporations stopped giving them employment…they would stop flooding here. Let;s throw a few farmers and Industry owners in prison for hiring illegals.
Love you ***…


Since this morning my friend had decided to delete his relatively insensitive but opinionated social media post…Who knows why?


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