We enter an Age where we choose an Enemy, not a Candidate

Choose your Enemy well.

Earlier today, I was swinging around the Blame Machine swinging it around back towards us.

I commented that we are responsible for our reality, for our politicians and the actions of our Country. We face that again. As we approach a new American Election season, we are confronted with a collection of cahoots that you could not have dreamt up in your wildest nightmare. And I am referring to those candidates on both sides…on all sides!

I want to focus of two candidates: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. At this point, they appear to be the popular front runners. I think they were both borne out of a need of the American voter to chose a leader that is not responsible for the sh*tstorm that has played out on our TV Screen for a decade.

People, Voters, Americans are tired and want no one that brings the stink of a politician with them.

My partner and I were having a political discussion, trying to determine where Donald Trump came from. Why is he here today?

My position was that as a wise savvy businessman, Donald Trump was aware of what the people wanted. He created a product that was sure to be popular with the masses.

She picked up on that direction and added that as a narcissist, Adolf Hitler gave the people of Germany what they needed. The economy was failing, Germany was collapsing and the German people needed an enemy. Adolf Hitler gave them the Jews. He blamed the Jews for the demise of Germany, of Europe and of the World. The people needed an enemy to focus on. He filled the need.

Donald Trump has given people an enemy: the illegal alien. They sneak across the border, the sell us drugs, they rape our women, and they form gangs and they kill us and choke our social welfare systems, schools and hospitals into stumbling ineptitude. Throw that Mexican right out of your Press Conference and the people cheer!

The illegal Alien has become the enemy that the followers of the Donald need.

And then I came to Bernie Sanders. Bernie good, Bernie, friend of the people, Bernie, friend of education and infrastructure and science. Bernie Sanders…a friend of the Future of America. Bernie warm and grandfatherly yet he is the grandfather we want on the farm.

But being Bernie the Good is just not good enough. He needs an enemy and just like The Donald needs the illegal Alien. The Bernie drags one out for the people to throw rocks at, to curse and damn and blame for all of our failures.

Bernie gives the voter the Corporation. The big “to Big to Fail” tax dollar swilling, unpatriotic, money sucking, unloving, uncaring Corporation. A Corporation that would scratch out a profit from the blood and tears out of the American Voter. Just one of Bernie’s enemies, suck more out of our system that all of the dollars drained by every single illegal Alien.

But that is just too hard for us to understand!

Do we hate a group of shabby Mexicans or a group of $2000 suit businessmen, standing on a Wall Street corner trying to figure out how to suck out another dollar?

So we have a choice. And the choice may not be the Candidate, but the choice may be which enemy do we fear more. Which enemy fills us with more fear? One is easy. One makes us add up columns. One is brown. One is white.

Both hurt us, but which one do we choose to hate and then vote for the candidate that will protect us from this demon? I am sure, seeing how effective creating an enemy is, each Candidate will isolate and build an enemy for us to tie up to the tree and build a bonfire around. It is only a matter of time.

No, this election is not about choosing a Candidate. It is about choosing an enemy.


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