An Atheist recognizes Satan and the Walking Dead

Satan and the Walking Dead:


Do we have a reason to wait our turn?

Maybe I am wrong.

It certainly would not be the first time and surely it will not be the last. I have made decisions in my life that I regret today but I will tromp along until I meet my foregone conclusion.

This is something different for my Country. Or maybe it is not. I woke up after a difficult night and while my coffee was heating, I read a posting that just said “Do not utter the Killer’s name. Do not honor him by building his notoriety by saying his name remember the victims Allison and Adam. They were in love”

I had no idea what had happened but after a couple of clicks, I learned of another set of public in-your-face-murders.

At this point, we could run a cable channel of all of the victims of gun violence, or beatings and abuse or even drug overdose. We have enough for the Death Channel.

For a moment, the premier of Fear the Walking Dead flashed on my brain screen and for just a moment, a single moment, I wondered if it was all true except that the victims were not being taken out by drooling snarling zombies, but in reality they were being taken out by us.

And after the fleeting thought of we are the Walking Dead, waiting our turn, I considered that maybe there was a Satan and in some promised way, we were just getting what we deserved.

As an American society, we:

  • Slaughtered native American, men women and children and stole their land and resources.
  • Enslaved an entire race of people and gave our domesticated animals better care.
  • Financed and executed a dozen wars in a dozen countries not to preserve and protect and move our Citizens into the future, but to strengthen our Corporate entities claim to grow and fester.
  • Along the way, we have literally massacred millions of families in Vietnam, in Thailand, in Afghanistan, in Iran, in El Salvador, in Chile, in Cuba and if we didn’t kill the innocents, we financed our puppets to kill for us absentia in a dozen other countries around our planet. Much of this blood flowed again to secure the position and power of the Corporations named above.
  • Our own Government allowed these same Corporations to prosper in a tax void environment to poison our air, to poison our water, to poison of food and to poison our soil…without recourse or damnation.

And when someone comes along to stop the poisoning, to stop the murder, to call out their responsibility for our demise, they have been blocked, reviled, ridiculed and rendered useless.

And we let it happen. And we let every drop of blood spill and every micron of poison and microbe of destruction to be unleashed without recourse in our earthly home.

We let it happen and we are responsible and a few minutes ago, I considered that maybe there was a Satan and in some promised way, we were just getting what we deserved.

Every week, almost every day, someone seemingly normal, finds a gun a knife a weapon of some sort and randomly creates a “tragic event” They create tragic events at military bases, in classrooms, in cafeterias, in movie theaters, in playgrounds, in open spaces and private rooms. They enter unnoticed in every space of our life.

Maybe, we , the Walking Dead, are chosen by Satan, to carry out random slaughter.

No that is insane. There is no Satan. There is no guiding force. There is no universal consequence of our actions.

Or is there?

I may have to re-evaluate my entire position. Can I even consider a Satan, without considering a God. I don’t know how can I can accept one with acknowledging the other. I had adopted a devout Atheist lifestyle for 50 years but as I approach the final third of the race, I would what drives someone: a man, a woman, a child, of every race and every creed…to pick up a weapon and slaughter.

Is there a Satan?

Maybe I am wrong.

It certainly would not be the first time and surely it will not be the last.


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