Abortion and Syria and a Dentist meets Cecil. I consider where to draw the line. Sort of a Life Line

“Life takes on many forms. If life was a spectrum, through time we locate a spot on the spectrum where we draw the line. To the right are those beings we choose not to kill for satisfaction, enjoyment or sustenance. To the left is everything else, everything we find acceptable to cease their existance, crush their life, terminate their existance without pause or a single thought.

That line on the spectrum is different for everyone one of us on the planet.”

Eduardo Barbudo


Weighing in on a sensitive topic of life or the justified cessation of life, especially in the form of abortion as a male, weighing in an opinion is rarely a good idea where a family feud is brewing or it is a overwhelming personal matter.

But I am a fool.

First, it is a personal choice. It is a choice of the woman to choose to end her pregnancy and choose to end a potential life.

It is the choice of the hunter to kill the lion.

It is the choice of the Syrians to starve their people, for ISIS to behead the infidels, even for certain authorities to kill or maim certain people.

It is all choices. It is always choice.

They maybe in our estimation poor choices. They may be choices that do not follow the tenets of what ever believe we have chosen, but even that is a choice.

When guidelines of what live should be preserved and which should be terminated without consequence, we did not consider that domesticated animals had life or feelings and preferred existance over the butcher’s slice. Before the lines were drawn, we were even unaware of how we teemed with life, far out of reach of our eyesite, but incredibly important to our continued existance none the less.

We murder, kill, destroy, maim life every single day. Probably every moment. It is just a matter of life that we choose to recognize as valid.

We eat pizza and burgers and bacon and even though we rarely consider it, we are consuming a life that has been forfeited for our personal enjoyment and appetite.

We could no more create a pig or a cow or a sheep that we could a lion or a giraffe.

We kill bothersome flies, crush ants, step on cockroaches and slaughter living microbes and bacteria with every step.

It is a matter of choice. We choose it is acceptable to kill some life, while other lives are lost to our shock.

There is little to no resolution. We can not force our personal choices as to what we choose to kill that we can create a fly or a cockroach or any other living thing that bothes us.

But is still life, it is still a choice and it is held in disdain by some and thoughtlessly executed by others. When did you last feel empathy for a bug smashed, a, invading rat captured in a trap?

Following the believe of some, these are all components of life that have been creater by their Maker


But we accept that some are acceptable to eliminate and some not.

Yet on the other side of the coin, some believe that whether the life takes the form of a lion or a giraffe or a human or even a fetus, it is still an animal and subject to all of the vagarities that existance provides.

So it brings us to a point.

Either you chose to believe like the evolutionist and recognize the nature of life or you choose to believe in a Higher Power and respect all life they have created. Which life you choose to acknowledge is a matter of degree and…choice.

So in conclusion…well there is no conclusion except personal acceptance of what is life and at what level. I can’t tell you, you can’t tell me.

It is personal acceptance and goes far beyond anything within our immediate surroundings…


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