Everybody already node wah dem dawgs bark (Text Version)

                        Everybody already node wah dem dawgs bark ‘round here.

(Text Version.

I include a reading of this piece of Flash Fiction performed by a great reader and  dear friend of almost 40 years. I was excited he chose my piece to read. I hope you will enjoy.I realize this is difficult to read and that if why I wanted to included a spoken word video. I will include it here and on a separate page)

Everybody already node wah dem dawgs bark

This is a short piece of Flash Fiction I completed recently.

It was read by Jon Farrar who, I believe, has done a wonderful job interpreting my work.

I added the various pictures. It is just as good without the images! Thank you and please leave comments!

I “borrowed” some pictures from the internet files and will replace the borrowed ones soon!

Everybody already node wah dem dawgs bark (Audio File)

Everybody already node wah dem dawgs bark

                        Some sayin’ they a barkin’ cause the 5-0, the Guvermint, is getting to close and they’re justa lookin’ fer what we’re a doing. Snoopin’ ‘round awl sneaky ‘n stuff so’ins we can’t hear ‘em.

                        Some say them dawgs is talkin, farm to farm, house to house. Maybe they’s justa lookin’ out fer ya or maybe dat girl got all dun up all purty en she snuck out agin to see her beau and now their jes makin’ ’to much noise and theys spookin’ the dawgs.

            Coon’s. Coon’s en varmints ‘l cause them dawgs to start a holler’n when dey start skittering near..

            But dem dawgs tain’t stupid like some of those folk hid up in the hills, dat nevah makes it past der fence n’ comes down to town justa once in awhile. People starts to laughin’ and then the strangers hi-tail it back to their holler, swear’n nevah ta come back to that town agin. Dem dawgs ain’t stupid like them. They nose what they’re barkin’ ‘bout. They nose just what they is sayin’n dawg to dawg.

            Dawgs’l start a wimpern’ late sum nights and there won’t be a sound in the holler. But they’ll be a laying flat ‘ganst the ground so you math miss ‘em an all. But deys there cuz you can hear the dawg wimpern soundin’ all sick ‘n skeered in their gut. And in a few minutes, a little time’l pass and then jes about 20 minutes pas the middul a nowhere, the sky will lath up an fer a few minutes it’ll look like there’s a carny in the naght shy, humming sounds an clouds a flashin’ in the naght. And it’ll look jest lahk yer down off the highway in the empty field by Jessups Dairy and its a Friday naght and peoples walkin’ round and everybody smellin real fine, causin’ they scrubbed off the week a field work and every light on the carny will be on an it’ll be a flashin’ and a flashin’.

            An them dawg’s will jes be there a layin’ an a moanin low from their gut.

            They just ain’t dumb. They can hear stuff and smell stuff b’for we ever’d node it was there, lesson we stumbled on et. And we’d a stood there a starin’ at it and thinkin’ “What the hell is that?” Dawgs’ll know when they should be a barkin’ and a holler’n all mean and fierce lahk and when they should be a wimpern lahk a puppy.

            Flat down of the ground as if they’s a prayin’.

            Sumtimes, in days er nahgts, the ground a starts to tremblin’. Ol sheds’l rattle n’ creak and birds’l jes take off lahk sumone dun fahred off a dubbel barrel at ‘em. Yew kin hear rumblin’s from a big ol train under da ground and there ain’t no tunnels neither. Justa trains a rumblin’ down deep. Like if they was takin’ a train from one parta hell to nuther.

            And the dawgs bark. De start der barkin’s b’for da birds fla off or the train starts a rumbling. Kes the dawgs know. They gotta secret deal with this here place and des know when thangs are about to be a happening. Dem dawgs ain’t dumb. Den dawgs ken tell whatsa happenin’, I reckon, jes b’for et starts up.

                        But everybody nodes wah they really all bark ‘round here. Ain’t much of a secret ‘round here…


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