A few words tonite from Tree that I thought were worth capturing as a note

A few words tonight from Tree that I thought were worth capturing as a note

I don’t often post other peoples work here, but I liked this Facebook post on Night Surfing from Tree Love. I think it is worth reading just has he wrote it.

July 24, 2009 at 9:59pm


Tree Love 

I surfed from midnight until dawn last night and right before sunrise paddled into deeper water, for a vigil, laid back on my board and floated to and from consiousness in a heaven of stellar dreams. 

Saw several falling stars. 

Heard a friend yell and awoke in the perfect spot to catch my nights best ride all the way to shore. 

Doing it again tonight. This is what my life is right now 🙂 

I wish you guys were here with me. 

Really what I wish is that you could close your eyes tonight while you dream and just take a passenger seat in my head and lay back and drop in with me for the rides tonight. 

It’s a rush committing to, chasing, and dropping into the blackness of rushing water over head high without so much as a glimmer of … More moonlight in the sky. 

Just me, the milkyway of stars, and the rather impressive Great White shark that was filmed yesterday off the point we surf and broadcast on the news networks. Seriously, I absolutely love that fish. She bought my friend and I some very rare space and sweet serenity. 

Nearly nobody paddled out until dawn. Just us. 

That’s what made it so amazing. I love the little space where dreams and waves collide 🙂 

Especially when my friends join me there, even in their thoughts. I love you guys 

I loved the way it rolled and flowed like the oceans roll and flow and the way Tree brings the enormity of the ocean to a cosmic sequence of events that are occuring in his mind and that he shares those moments with all who read. 

It came out smoothly and unconsidered and yet if Hemingway had been a hippie or danced at the boom wow of a mad slashing DJ charging and discharging flash in the night air, then he spoke with a voice through Tree tonight. 

But it didn’t have to be a voice. It could have been a moment so clear so captured in his minds eye that translating it to a few dozen words on a screen just eased to the keys and happened and caused peoples around the globe to say Wow…I get it, I see it, I feel it 

And that is what it is all about!

written byTree Love


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